That Awkward Situation (Harry Styles/One Direction Fan Fiction)

Marina Belle Edwards is what you may call one awkward ball. Of course, she's never really had a problem with that, until she discovers who her roommate is. Okay, so maybe at first she had no clue, but she soon begins to realize that he's "bigger" than she thought. Who's her roommate? Well he's none other theh the marvelous, Harry Edward Styles. As Marina goes on a social roller coaster, she experiences what really is life. But then again all she'll ever be is awkward. That awkward situation. Can she find love in a hopeless place?


1. Awkward silence, and Sexy Irish Accents



Apartment 4B, other wise known as “Home Sweet Home!” … I think not. I guess you could say it was now my new flat, if you counted having to share it with some random stranger my own flat. I hated the idea of having to share a place with someone else. For starters it doesn’t help that I’m such a damn awkward person, and I’m sexually incapable of turning others on.


Forever lonely, that’s my motto. Yup, I’m about that life.


Marina Belle Edwards, turning people off since 1992. I swear I’m kind of like a legend were I come from, which isn’t a good thing.


I guess I should open the door now. I lift up my hand, and twist the doorknob, but only to find the door locked. Of course you dumb ass, that’s why they gave you a key.


I literally face palmed myself, it’s just one of those things that were constantly done when you were as awkward as me.


Okay Mari, you could do this. One point for self-emotional support. I totally rock!! I’m such a loser. I should really just go run into a brick wall or something. I take out my key, and slowly unlock the door. I was preparing myself for the worst roommate of a lifetime. All I knew was that “it” was a boy, which meant I’d be even more sexually frustrated. Curse these freaking hormones arg!!


Unless he’s an ugly young lad, that or he’s a clown. I hate clowns… those jolly bastards.


My eyes widened at the sight of the gigantic place. Was I living with prince Harry or something? Of course not!! Surely I would never be allowed around royalty, they’d label me as a weirdo for sure. All of my things had already been brought to my flat, which was good. I don’t really like to exercise. I’m lazy and I’m proud. Okay, so maybe I’m not proud, but I’ve learnt to deal with it.


The first thing I noticed when I entered was the fact that no other furniture was in sight. Maybe I scared my roommate away. Way to go Marina, already scaring the poor lad away, and you haven’t even met him. I think that’s a world record right there.


I guess I don’t really mind that I now have the whole flat to myself… it makes for less tension. Yea, less tension. Locking the door behind me (to keep away rapist) not that they’d want to rape me, I’m known for victimizing, not playing the victim, Oh gosh, that sounded so wrong. I didn’t mean that I was a rapist or anything like that, but most people seem to find me… weird is what I’m trying to say. You know what, it’s no use explaining, I’ve already made myself sound like a loser, and a baby rapist couldn’t make things so much worse.


Shit, now I just sound like a child molester. I didn’t meant that I rape babies, what I meant was that I’m kind of young, and short, which kind of is like a baby. I-uh-I gives up on life!!


Oh well, I should probably stop babbling now. Maybe I should take a shower, I stink. I know, you probably didn’t want to know about my poor hygiene at the moment, but I’m going to tell you anyways. 


I grab a pair of booty shorts, a long band t-shirt, and some wooly socks.  After taking a shower, I quickly changed into my “marvelous” out fit. My long, stick straight, dirty blonde hair clung to my body, that’s probably the only that’ll ever cling to my body. Like I said before… I’m such a loser. I have no type of game, and no type of shame.


You need to get a life Marina!!


“Whom are you talking to?” A husky voice said from behind me, causing me to jump nearly ten feet into the air. I tried to act cool though, even though it was probably already too late.


“I er was talking to myself I guess” Why must I always think aloud?



“Okay” He said shaking his head, but not before looking me up and down. Rude much. “I’m, Harry Styles, but you probably already knew that”



Actually I don’t asshole.


“Did you just call me an asshole?” He quirked an eyebrow at me, and then I face palmed myself… again.


“I guess I’m-uh-I’m-er sorry” Not really.


“You don’t know who I am?” He asked astonished.


“Are you a rapist? A clown? A baby rapist?” I babbled on and on. Somebody shoot me now.


“If you weren’t so good looking, I’d think that were a damn lunatic” He muttered. Marina Edwards, good looking? That’s a first.” You’re so odd, and, how shall I put it” He said putting on some sort of thinking face.


“Awkward” I answered for him, and he nodded his head in agreement.


“Yea, awkward I guess”



“Well-I-uh I guess I should get to unpacking,” I mumbled.



I didn’t wait for Harry to respond because honestly, I didn’t really care what he has to day. He already seems to believe that I’m a lunatic (I kind of am) but still, I didn’t want to make matters worst. I rushed into my room, and locked the door behind me. Okay, so let me take some time to think about things.


1)    Harry is smoking hot.

2)    I called him an asshole

3)    He thinks I’m a loser


And you wonder why I’ll be forever alone. I hate my life.


Then there’s a knock on my door.


Should I open it? I wonder to myself.



“Yes, yes you should” Harry says from the other side. I really need to stop thinking aloud.


I get up to open the door, and see Harry smirking down on me.



“You’re crazy you know that?”


“Yea, I’m pretty crazy,” I agreed.


“Well, I invited some friends over, and wanted to know if you were okay with that”


“Does it matter? You already invited them,” I said rudely. I really didn’t mean for it to come out that rude. Oops, I guess I did it again.


To bad I’m not Britney Spears. She’s the bitch that can go in and out of rehab, go bald, and still remain a pop icon. If I even so much as attempt to do a ponytail on my hair, I’d get the “What are you crazy?” look.


“Yea, I guess it doesn’t,” He agreed. And then there was the awkward silence. “You know um –uh-you know”


“I know what?”


“What’s your name?” He blurted out.


“My name is Marina I guess,” I stated.


“You guess?” He asked raising one of his perfect little eyebrows.


“Well-uh-yea, not many people call me by my first name”



“Well Marina, I thought that we should get to know each other better since we’re roommates, and what not”


“Sure,” I mumbled.


There really isn’t much to say about me, so he’s in for a big disappointment. Oh well, it was him who asked for it. I wonder if he’s got a nice package. I’m thinking that he does. One does not look that hot, and not have good assets… right? That’s probably why my assets suck. I guess you could see I’m about average, but my personality just kills everything. I believe that the last time I’ve dated was two years ago, maybe three.



He led me over to a gigantic couch. How did that couch get there? Maybe it’s his. I wonder if he’s ever done anything on that couch. He probably has a girl over every night, that wouldn’t surprise me.



“Okay Marina, tell me about yourself”


“I’m naturally blonde,” I muttered, receiving a small chuckle from him.


“That’s nice to know” He let out a dry cackle. “What about you tell me something more about your personality”


“I’m smart, I guess” I shrugged. “I took dance as a kid, but I got kicked out of class because I sucked,” I said truthfully.


Actually, I think my teacher was racist. It’s cause I was tan, and she was as pale as a powered donut. Oh well, she can suck it for all I care. That still doesn’t change the fact that I can’t dance.


“Do you have any siblings?”


“I have a sister, and two brothers” I hate those lucky charms. Why did they have to get all the good characteristic traits in the family?


“Is your sister hot?” He smirked. Typical player.



“Hotter than me, yea probably” I bit my lip; my sister is down right gorgeous.


“That’s hard to believe,” He said under his breath, but I still caught those words.


Why the hell is he lying to me?


“Uh-what about you Mr. Styles. What should I er know about you?”


“I actually don’t have girls over every night, thank you very much” He grinned, that cheeky bastard must’ve heard what I said earlier. Oh well. “Maybe every week though, and I’m in a band”



“Oh-uh-like the Spice Girls” I blurted out. And here comes the face palm. Why the hell would you ask that Marina? The Spice Girls is an all girl group. Oh Lord help me.


“Well, it is an all boy band, but I wouldn’t say we’re exactly like the Spice Girls” He chuckled. It’s nice to see that he finds my awkwardness amusing.


“What’s the name of it, I’ve probably heard of it?” I asked, even though I’m sure that with my social status, I hardly know who anybody is.


“It’s-“ And that’s when he was cut off by the doorbell.


“Oh, look at the time, I best be getting back to my room” I said looking down at my imaginary watch. Real smooth Marina.


“Oh no you don’t” He grabbed my wrist restricting me from walking away. Damn. “I want you to meet the lads”


Why? I thought to myself.


“Because I think It’s be good for you” Shit, I thought aloud again.


Self-reminder, watch the way you think. One day I might end up saying something that I really don’t want to aloud, and my ass is going to be in a lot of trouble. I munched down on my bottom lip, awaiting his mates to enter. I really didn’t need the attention of any more males in one room. I’m sure I’ll be the laughing stock for quite some while if I stay standing for much too long. And then they all walked in, and my heart dropped. They’re all freaking gorgeous.


Holy Sex!!!


Oops, I must’ve said that out loud also, all eyes are on me.


“Uh, sorry for shouting holy sex” I apologized, even though I’m not so sure it was needed.


“Love, you didn’t say that” A boy with swooped up hair, and dazzling blue eyes said to me.



“Oh-I-uh just thought that because you guys were staring, at, me-“ I choked. “Forget about it”


“She tends to literally speak what’s on her mind a lot, and I’ve only known her for about thirty minutes” And then, turning so I can’t see his face, he whispers something to them. “She’s really awkward also”


“I heard you asshole” I spat.


“You forgot to mention really fit” A boy with olive colored skin, and great cheekbones said ogling me. Maybe I have a booger on my face or something. Fit? I don’t even work out.


I forgot to mention, I just moved here like two months ago from Los Angeles, and I still don’t know what most of the words stand for. The only ones I’m familiar with are flat, lads, and mates. I don’t get around much if you haven’t noticed.



“I don’t work out,” I blurted.


They all busted out laughing, making me feel like even more of a dumb ass. Years of school, and I can’t even understand a little bit of the British terms. Where is that gun, I need to shoot myself.



“Fit doesn’t mean that you work out” Olive spoke. “It means that you’re really sexy, or pretty” Lies. Keep them lies coming.




“Oh” I really need to learn these things.


“So guys, introduce yourselves,” Harry urged.


“I’m Zayn” Olive winked.


“I’m Louis, and I love carrots!!!” Blue eyes shouted. Well isn’t he a little firecracker.


“I’m Niall, and I love Nando’s” Holy fuck balls, that’s one sexy Irish accent.


Second self-reminder of the day get yourself an accent.


“I’m Liam,” A boy with puppy dog eyes said smiling.


“And we’re One Direction!” They all shouted in unison. What the hell is a One Direction? It sounds like an airline…or maybe a name for a GPS.


There name should really be One Arousal because I’m feeling quite aroused right now.



I hope I didn’t say that out loud. That would be really embarrassing. Just like my whole life.



“And I’m Mariana Belle Edwards” I said giving myself a little fist pump.


I’m just that Awkward Situation.


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