Dreaming Destiny

Always wanted to be a star but not wanting to perform = put in a difficult position. Until she's FORCED to perform when her mum fills out the form and sends it out for her! But will all change when she discovers, it's on September 13th (A friday!) 2013! That's two 13's and on a Friday 13th... As if that wasn't bad enough she's THE 13TH CONTESTANT TOO! What will happen and will she get past it all?
For M Factor competition!


3. Chapter Three


One. Two. Three.

I smile as I walk onto the stage, heart beating faster and faster. 

'Hello. Your name is?' Oh god. Not Gary... Why am I facing Gary? He won't like my music, he'll hate it.

'Talia. Talia Oscar-Moore.' I tell him. He nods and smiles. 

'And your age?'

'I'm sixteen.' I grin excitedly. 

'OK. Go...' 

'My own song.'

I'm dreaming destiny,

Like, as if I'll get there,

It's all one big dream,

Inside my heeeadd,

Like, I'm dreaming all over,

As if I'll get there... Oh yeahhh... 

As if I'll get there...

I trip off the stage. I'm ruined. I quickly get back up and start crying but continue singing.

I finish off the song, my eyes closed and not opening once. I feel the sweat drip off of me as I open my eyes. For one second, silence.

Then I see Nicole getting up from her chair. Tulisa follows, then Louis, then Gary. Like dominos. What are they doing?

Then Gary turns around and makes a gesture to the audience. Clapping. Deafening clapping.

'Now, you made a mistake but you continued; that's what I love in people.' He yelled over the applause. 'Now onto our comments.'

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