Dreaming Destiny

Always wanted to be a star but not wanting to perform = put in a difficult position. Until she's FORCED to perform when her mum fills out the form and sends it out for her! But will all change when she discovers, it's on September 13th (A friday!) 2013! That's two 13's and on a Friday 13th... As if that wasn't bad enough she's THE 13TH CONTESTANT TOO! What will happen and will she get past it all?
For M Factor competition!


1. Chapter One

'Angel poppet, I did a little favour for you...' I hate it when my mum does those giant beady eyes and bites her lip. I know what it means, she did something bad.

'What did you do mum?' I ask, raising my left eyebrow curiously. 

'I... Filled out a form for you to go on the-' 

'I told you! I'm only 16! You have to be 18!' I explain to my mum, rolling my eyes at her.

'Let me finish! The M Factor! There.' Mum smiles at me. My mouth immediately falls to the floor as my eyes turn to the inside of my head.

Please say she's joking... Please!

'No mum! You can't have! No!' I yell at her. She did it without even telling me! Oh god. 'Tell them I can't come! That I...' I burst into tears. 'I'm not ready!' I wish I could just dig my way out of this. 

'You are darling, all you need is confidence. With that you'll go anywhere.' Mum pulls me closer to her.

'We're all going down there to watch you!' She gives me a massive beam that I want to wipe from her face. I mean- really!? 

'Everyone...?' I ask.

'Yep.' I groan at her reply. 

'I can't do it...' Then I cry.

'Just think darling, think.'

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