My Brother is The manager of a british boy band

Ollie reunited with her brother when visiting him in the UK for the summer, but finds out that during his stay there he found himself a job as the new manager of a growing british boy band.


6. Too Many Drinks


    The crowd was so excited for some reason it made Olly pretty excited as well, it's not like she was a fan or anything but the vibe in the audition just made her want to join in! The music started the and boys start singing the crowd sung along to the lyrics. Zayn moves closer to the crowd grabbing one of the girls hands.   " And girl you and I we about to make some memories  tonight ..-- the girl almost fainted when zayn winked at her. " and live while we're young" Harry sang looking over to Olly who seemed to be to enjoying herself trying to sing along. He couldn't help but secretly laughing at her. Once the song ended, the crowd demanded an encore. " maybe later!" Niall told them with a smile.   " thank you! And don't forget to PRE order our new album!" Liam told the fans waving goodbye as they got off stage. " guys that was kind of amazing! You guys were really made to perform on stage!" Harry leaned down to her level since she was a little shorter than him. " how about you come on stage with us next time?" She smiled and winked at him. " I'm totally down for that, and I can show the world my amazing dance moves" she starting dancing again grabbing his hand and pulling him on the dance floor. " I don't dance"        " give me a sec!" She ran to the bar grabbing a few shots." And handed him a few. " tonight you do! Drink up!!" The took the shots and within a few moments they brought the heat on the floor. " you liar you can totally dance! Shake it!!" She slapped his bum, which took him a little bit by surprise clearly she was drunk since her face was turning red.   "Where are the others?" She yelled over the music, Harry spotted them enjoying a few drinks and having a few chats with some fans. "Over there with some fans!" Olly seems to have forgotten about her question since she dancing again. " you know your really cute! I mean like really cute!" She couldn't help but to giggle to what she was saying.   " well so are you! I think we should celebrate to that! Another round of shots!" They drank up their shots. " your so cute I can just kiss you!" She pulled him into a kiss, next thing they were making out on dance floor, Olly noticed a few flashes here and there but she was too busy to look where they were coming from.  " how about we get out of here" he whispered in her ear, she let out another giggle and followed him.     The next morning Olly let out a growl as she woke up her head was ache so much. She grabbed the water bottle next to the bed taking a few sips. "My head." She tried to get out of bed when she noticed her was only in her underwear. " where are my clothes?" Still half asleep she searched for her clothes on the bed to find her hand was on someone bum. " what the..." She noticed a half naked boy in her bed.   " Harry?...Oh my-- she slapped her hand on her mouth pulling on the duvet to cover herself and sat in a corner in the room trying to figure out happened last night? " oh my god did we ?? No no!" Harry slowly woke up looking around for Olly. " oh there you are! Morning. " he managed to say.   " what happened last night did we.. Don't tell me" she said shaking her head. " no tell me!" He let out a weak smile. " you were really drunk like really drunk! So I brought you back home and you would stop kissing me but luckily nothing really happened I mean other then you ripping my shirt and begging me to sleep in bed with you " she noticed his body was covered of hickeys. " I'm so sorry I get bad when I'm drunk!" We'll that's good nothing happened.   It's not like she wouldn't like that but how would his crazy fans react or better yet why would her older brother say? She doesn't want to be shipped back to Canada! She was having so much fun with the boys especially Harry.      


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