My Brother is The manager of a british boy band

Ollie reunited with her brother when visiting him in the UK for the summer, but finds out that during his stay there he found himself a job as the new manager of a growing british boy band.


18. the surprise

He took her hand and guided her into the cafe. A tall handsome guy noticed them coming in and quickly greeted them" hey mate your back! Is this the lovely Olly? Nice to finally meet you!" Had Harry been talking about her to other people? " yeah we're actually in town for a few shows and so on.

Olly this is my friend Leo he's the owner of this cafe!"   " nice to meet you, I really like the place!"  

 " thanks here's the table you requested and its all set up! Let me know when your ready to order!" The table was cute their were two  candles set up. Harry pulled the chair for her as she took her seat. " such a gentleman!" She teased him as he took his seat.

"Well what can I say that's what mom taught me!" They shared a few laughs when the waiter finally arrived to their table just when they were about to say what they wanted to order the live music stop and the radio music started to blast.

A couple at the back of the cafe stood up and moved around the tables while dancing.

" oh my god look at them go!" Olly said amazed, all of sudden their waiter grabbed the lonely girl reading a book, the started ball room dancing around the cafe as Harry stood up smiling at her. He went on stage and started to sing along to the radio song.

Everyone in the cafe started dancing around as Leo pulled a cord behind the counter, tons of bright balloons fell down. Harry walked over smiling. " I'm in love with all your little things," just as she thought this was the end Harry got down on his knee making olly gasp. " what are you doing?.."

He pulled out from his pocket two couple rings. " I know it isn't much now but I promise ill get you a better one once we get married. I've realized that I want to spend my life with you. Olivia Keith will you marry me?" She started sobbing and nodded.

" I'd love to!" She helped him up and pulled him into a kiss while everyone cheer them on, congratulating them.

" did you like my little surprise? We had to practice really quickly" olly nodded. " I've never seen a flash dance like that it was perfect thank you!"

" your welcome babe!"

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