My Brother is The manager of a british boy band

Ollie reunited with her brother when visiting him in the UK for the summer, but finds out that during his stay there he found himself a job as the new manager of a growing british boy band.


9. The Plan

The boys were in the studio with Ralph recording a track of their upcoming album he had taken a flight back to meet up with Olly but she never replied he was worried but knowing his sister she was probably ignoring his call and would feel bad afterwards then call him back,the boys in union started to sing "I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah

I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah" the boys sang the song but you could see that they really didn't want to be singing at the moment. "Harry but a little more feeling into it" Ralph asked him, this made Harry pissed but he sucked it up and continued to sing. "I want you to hit the pedal, heavy metal, show me you care I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah" just as they were about the record another version if the song Ralph phone rang. " take a ten guys!" He looked down at the number and couldn't recognize it, maybe it was Olly?   " hello Raphael speaking" there was a long pause when he heard a mans voice. " look here dude  your going to do what I tell you if you don't want your baby sister to get hurt." He could hear Olly in the background arguing with the guy. " why are you getting him involved you stupid red hoodie freak isn't this between me and you?" The guy was  getting " shut up! Now where were we? Ah yes if you don't give me 10grand by tonight at cino abadonned warehouse or else your sister here gets it! And I'm sure you don't want anything to happen to her"   Ralph was in shock he couldn't even stand on his two feet. " no please don't hurt her! Ill bring the cash but she better be safe" the guy laughed. " as long as I get my money before 9pm no one gets hurt." With that he hung up. " shit this is my fault." Harry came into the studio to find Ralph sitting alone confused and freaking out. " feel like I'm obligated to ask if your okay." He said handing Ralph a water bottle but he was too busy talking to himself to notice the bottle. " Ralph" Harry yelled in his ear as he snapped out of it. " they took her" he mumbled almost about to cry. " took what?"     " Olly some freaks took her holding her hostage until I give the 10grand" Harry was speechless his blood started boiling up and next thing he knew..BAM the wall had a whole in it. " we need to find her! NOW!" Ralph grabbed Harry's wrist and sat him down. "You can't get involved. You need to think of your image."   " Olly is in danger and your thinking of my image! If she's in danger ill be there to help her out! So I am involved in this now stop being a prick and let's get her!"     The boys came back from their break and noticed harry and Raphael  leaving " where are you two going were not done recording" niall said. " we need to do more important stuff ill explain later and if we dont call later you need to call the cops!" harry yelled running out of the studio with Ralph. Once in the car Harry looked over to his manager who was still in a shock phase.   " did they even give you any direction like a location? And do you even know anything about this guy who has her hostage?" Raphael shook his head trying to think of what the guy might have said.  " oh he said to meet him a cino warehouse and Olly kept calling him red hooded guy!" It finally clicked Harry knew who was behind all of this. " that asshole!" He yelled driver faster. " dude you need to calm down we need to come up with a plan first!" Raphael decided to call the cops to tell them that his sister was hostage. They were calling in a the police station where the cops gave them the money.   " now you two will be wired up so we can hear everything going on in that room once you give them the money they hand you your sister and that's when we come in, if it doesn't work out then that when we bring in the swat boys in." The chief explained to them ralph nodded nervously. " don't worry we'll get her back!!" The chief told him leaving the two boys alone so they could get wired up.   " she's a tough girl I wouldn't worry too much!" Harry said trying to cheer him up. " yeah I know but this is just my fault if I wasn't too hard on her she's still me next to me being her goofy self!" Olly watched her kidnappers drink and celebrate their victorious move. " you do know that you wouldn't get away with this right?" Olly told them as Xander smiled at her. " on the contrary my little Olly we will! Now why don't you sit there like a pretty doll and shut your mouth!"   She rolled her eyes and noticed a nail file on the floor, she picked it up with her legs and was able to reach out and grab it, she looked over the boys who were still distracted and slowly filed the tape trying to free her hands.      "It's 8:55" Ralph said taking a long breath as he stood there with Harry who was ready to go in with him in the warehouse. " go on boys we'll be here" the chief said as the swats team and cops stood a couple of blocks away waiting for the signal. The two boys walked into the warehouse to come face to face with Xander and his boys. 
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