My Brother is The manager of a british boy band

Ollie reunited with her brother when visiting him in the UK for the summer, but finds out that during his stay there he found himself a job as the new manager of a growing british boy band.


8. The Kidnapping

The boys stood there wondering what they could to in this situation.

" maybe we should check on her" Louis suggested. " is Ralph sending her back?" Niall asked sadly. " I don't want Olly to leave every since she came here its actually been fun." Zayn said as Harry slammed his hand on the table getting their attention. " we're not letting her leave she's isn't leaving me until I say so!!"  

  Olly grabbed her clothes from the closet putting them in her suitcase she noticed the car keys on the desk, she grabbed a piece of paper writing a message to Ralph about not taking the car and he could keep his stupid present.

" Olly what are you doing?" Harry asked walking into her room. " don't you knock before walking into someone's room?" Harry didn't bother to reply to her he grabbed her suitcase and put it back into her closet. " what the hell are you doing?" She never saw him this serious even the first time they met.

"I'm not letting you go your the best thing that happened to me ever since met! I can't let you go! I'm not going to!" She walked over the closet and pulled out the suitcase grabbing the rest of her clothes. " I really had a fun time maybe next time you guys can come by and visit me! I know this really great restaurant-- she was crying again, at this rate he'd probably think she a cry baby.

He walked over her pulling her into a hug stroking the back of her head. " you don't have to do this. You can stay and I can talk to Ralph." She shook her head. " I'm going to leave and you need to move on I'm not worth your time!" She grabbed her stuff and headed downstairs where the rest of the guys were standing waiting for her.

" I'm sorry guys! Because of me your probably going to have a lot of problems! Ill be out of your way! " Niall started tearing up, Liam too zayn tried to act tough and tried to avoid looking at her, Louis pulled her into a hug. " you can stay I'm sure Ralph was just freaking out we've had other situations!" She grabbed them all hugging them tightly. " I'll miss you freaks! Don't forget to call me!" She looked up at the staircase where Harry watched her. Her cab was already outside waiting for her.

" to the airport please." Harry stopped the car and got in. " I'm coming with you!"   "What? No your not get out of this car right now! I told you I wanted nothing to do with you anymore!" She pushed him at and asked the driver to go. Harry ran after the car asking for it to stop as it drove off. Olly was in tears this time she couldn't stop.  The taxi took a detour from the airport stopping on a street.

" excuse why did we stop?" She asked the driver who didn't answer her instead he got out of car when someone opened the door next to her pulling her out. " what the-- she looked up and recognized the face. It was the guy in the red hoodie who had attacked her. " it's you!" He gave her a smirk and taped her mouth as well as put a blindfold over her eyes. " revenge is always sweet my dear little Olly!" She tried to scream but no use no one was up yet since it was still early!

After being carried for few minutes she was placed on a chair tied down the guy took her blindfold and tape off her mouth she tried to bite him but he was too quick. " you sneaky girl trying to bite me!?"Olly glared at him and quickly examined the room, it looks like a abandoned house his two other mates were sitting o a table playing cards.

" What do you want from me? And who the hell are you" The guy took a seat sitting in front of her and smiled. " where are my manners I'm Xander that's Micky and Luke, and your Olly aren't you? Sister of the manager of one direction and girlfriend of Harry Styles!" People actually thought that she was his girlfriend. " I'm not his girlfriend and how do you know who I am!" He smirked pulling out a magazine with pictures of her and Harry yesterday. " now olly we need your help..- she let out a sarcastic laugh.

" what makes you think I'm going to help you?" Xander leaned in pulling out his pocket knife and held it to her neck. " it's either you help us or well you figure out the rest!" This was going to be a little harder then she thought. " now your going to be very obedient and listen to everything I say!" He pulled out her phone went through her contacts looking for a number.

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