My Brother is The manager of a british boy band

Ollie reunited with her brother when visiting him in the UK for the summer, but finds out that during his stay there he found himself a job as the new manager of a growing british boy band.


13. The Jerk

Olly sat in her room silently staring at the ceiling. Why did he even care? Why...just then someone knocked on her bedroom  door. " look I don't want to talk you styles!" A blond head popped in it was niall who was smiling nervously.

" can we talk?"

She sat up on her bed. " come in." She offered him a seat on her bed. " look I'm-- she smiled and nodded. " I forgive you I know you didn't mean it" he smiled and laughed it off. " I knew you felt uncomfortable"  

" already forgotten"  

" good well I need to head out ill see you later? Just to let you know Harry was being a jerk don't let him get to you!" With that he left. He stood alone in the hallway leaning on a wall. " it wasn't a in a moment kiss, but I guess you'll never know since your already in love with someone" he whispered looking back one last time at her bedroom door.   A few hours had passed until she noticed no one was home.


She decided to grab a yogurt from the kitchen when she noticed a light in the living room. There was Harry and a blond girl, it was one thing to be going out with them but bringing them back home for her to see was definitely something we hadn't sign up for. Harry noticed Olly and slowly stopped kissing the blond freak. " who's she?" She asked. " no one babe just someone" he kept eye contact as he kissed the blond.

"Fuck you!"

It was last draw! She couldn't take it anymore. She found herself crying. " you need to leave." He told the blond girl. " why don't you just finish eating her face ill leave!" She went upstairs grabbing her bags and empty her closet. Even if he couldn't remember he didn't need to act like such jerk.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked as she continued to pack her things grabbing her make up bag and shoes. " packing." Her face was swollen from all the crying, Harry started to get another headache. He tried to hide the fact he was in pain. " can you leave I want to be alone." She told him. Just as she tried to push him out his vision got blurring. "Get out!" Just as she was about to close her door he pass out.

" Harry?" She rushed to his side trying to wake him up. He didn't move, she tried to stand him up and moved him to her bed laying him done. He looked like he was in pain. She touched his head, he was burning hot, she rushed to the bathroom to grab a wash towel to place on his head. " you better be alright you jerk" she mumbled sitting next to him. Harry slowly woke up. " what hap-- he noticed a figure next to him.

Olly was curled up to his side sound asleep. He took off the wash towel on his forehead smiling "Even if I was an ass you still took care of me?" He whispered in her ear kissing her cheek.  

"Thank you"    

Olly woke up to find Harry staring at her. " your awake? Feel better" she asked him. " yes thanks!" She realized they were awfully close and got off the bed. " good well I'm going to finish up packing!" He grabbed her hand stopping her.

" your going to leave?" She grabbed his hand slowly pushing him away.

" yes, Im homesick and I think I should leave!" Harry tried say something.

" you can't change my mind. Its final"  

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