My Brother is The manager of a british boy band

Ollie reunited with her brother when visiting him in the UK for the summer, but finds out that during his stay there he found himself a job as the new manager of a growing british boy band.


22. the interview

The boys and olly all got ready for the interview/live stream about everything that was going on. And since Olly was part of these changes she was asked to be part of the interview.

They were driven to the hotel where the interview would be held by Ralph who wished them good luck. " everything will be fine" he told his baby sister who seemed uneased. " I'm here for you" Harry whispered in her ear making her feel slightly releaved he squeezed her hand as they exchanged smiles.

" boys have a seat we were just about to start the interview" a young man said, he seemed quite young to be a reporter olly thought.


" you must be Olivia I have a ton of questions for you! Hope your not too nervous" he said with a smirk, she started to feel shivers through her whole body. " shouldn't we be starting this interview" Harry said trying to change the topic. " oh of course" the reported looked over to the camera pulling out a fake smile.

" welcome to get in the deep I'm your host Devon and today we have one of the biggest boy bands, it's one direction accompanied the mysterious fiancée of Harry styles that you were all waiting to meet! Olivia" the camera turns to her as she gives a wave. " hello" the camera switched back to Devon.

" so Olivia, you and Harry! How did that happen? Are you the relationship for the fame? Or better yet for the money! Maybe that's the reason why your getting married?" Devon stared at her with a smirk on his face. Leaving her speechless. " excuse but shouldn't you be asking us questions too" Liam pointed out. " Im sure fans are eager to know about miss Olivia's answer we do also have a few fans who would like to talk to her! Caller one your on the air" olly could feel an aching in her chest as her breathing got shorter.

" how long have you two been going out! Harry personally I thought you'd be better off with someone more of your level!" That's it! She was at her edge. " I can't take it anymore" she whispered as Harry squeezed her hand telling her to forget about it. " you don't have the right to say such horrible things to her" Niall defended her. " she's a great girl and Harry likes her you could at least respect that" Louis added.

" I'm done! You want me to call quits! Well I do! The engagement is off! You guys won!" She took off her mic and walked out of the room, more like she ran out. She could hear shouting and Harry kept calling out to her but she didn't bother to turn around. How could they be together if the whole world was against them? She called out to a cab and headed to her parents house. She pulled out her keys and picked off her shoes running into her room.

" Olivia is that you?" Her mother said from the living room. " I'm going to sleep" she shouted and closed her bedroom door. Her phone kept vibrating when she looked at the ID she noticed Harry's picture. " stop calling" she mumbled staring at the phone but it kept ringing.

" olly please call me back! I just want to know your alright" leaving her a voicemail as he let out a long sigh sitting in the couch of the hotel. " too bad she left I still had so much to ask her-- Harry stood up and punched Devon in the face.

" its all your fault bastard!" He was about to go for a second punch and zayn grabbed his hand. " dude he's not worth it we need to find olly" Harry glared back at Devon who was laughing even though his nose was bleeding alot.

" let's go" the boys walked out to the car waiting for them. The next morning olly woke up with swollen eyes. She walked into the bathroom to clean up. She put on a plain white v neck and some skinny jeans. " honey your awake!" She greeted her mom with a small wave of hand. " you do know its 3 in the afternoon" her mother pointed out.

" not very lady like to sleep for so long" she grabbed some coffee rolling  her eyes. " mom I've had a crappy day yesterday the least you could do is give me a break!" Her mother could be quite annoying at times but she was understanding at times. " alright! I made you some warm soup and your father called wanting to see you he'll be here soon we can all have lunch" her father? " since when do you and dad call each other" her mother let out a gasp.

" we have come to realizing that were both adults and need to take care of our children!"  After a few hours someone rang the door bell. " pumpkin!!" She turned around to see her father pulling her into a hug. " hello dad! How was Asia?" He kissed her forehead. " lovely! Hello Megan" her father greeted her mother.

" Jackson" she replied walking out of the living room.

" how are you darling? Look I got you a present" he pulled out a wrapped box and handed it to her. " thanks" she said with a smile.



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