My Brother is The manager of a british boy band

Ollie reunited with her brother when visiting him in the UK for the summer, but finds out that during his stay there he found himself a job as the new manager of a growing british boy band.


21. The Guest


She climbed into bed making herself cozy while Harry freshened up in her bathroom, he came out practically naked only wearing his briefs.   He chuckled noticing she was looking at him. " your checking me out aren't you?" She started to flush not sure what to say.  


" no need to be embarrassed babe" he smiled up at her pressing a gentle kiss on her lips.  

"Is that really a habit of yours to sleep naked? In bed?"   He crawled under the duvet snuggling next to her. " yes, I like to get really comfortable when I go to sleep" she notice he had a new tattoo under his collarbone two sparrows, she slightly touched the tattoo.   " it actually suits you" she mumbled half asleep, it had been a long day.   " you think? I'm probably going to get another one soon its a surprise though I can't tell you what ill be getting" he looked at his girlfriend who was fast asleep on his arms, he pulls her closer to him so that she could get more comfort" she looked so peaceful when she slept he smiled to himself kissing her forehead.  

" goodnight babes!"            


 Olly woke up from all the commotion coming from the living room. It sounded like they had company over. She looked at her left to find Harry deep asleep, his arm was around her waist holding her tightly. " can't believe he can sleep through all of that noise" she  mumbled to herself. " Harry wake up!" She shakes him but no respond.  

" styles! You need to wake up!" She climbed on top of him and tried tickling him, he opened his eyes. " stop I can't breath" he said laughing. He flipped her over pining her to the bed and climbing on top of her. " maybe I should tickling you."

  " no fair I was only trying to wake you up!" He leaned in about to give her a morning kiss but she stopped him. " morning breath!" She tried to get him off of her when she heard someone knock on the door, " I think she's still sleeping" Madeline said outside the bedroom door. Just then Ralph walks in along with a woman.

  " oh my god" Madeline mumbled behind the two Harry was still on top of olly she finally pushed him off trying to stand up and quickly fixing her hair. " it's really not what you think Ralph!" She tried to explain herself laughing nervously. " well.. Clean up and we'll talk afterwards." The woman find really say much it's like this situation was totally normal for her, she smiled at Harry.   " sweetie please stop getting half naked all the time!" He greeted her with a small wave.

" hi mom! Habits are hard to change" she looked over at olly, who was red as tomato of embarrassment. " you must be olly it's nice to meet you ill let you get ready and we can talk over breakfast!" Before she could reply Ralph and Harry's mom walked out leaving the two alone again.

  " oh my god! That was your mom! She's going to hate me, that was really embarrassing! What are we going to do!"  Harry rolled out of bed grabbing his black shirt and jeans. " well we can start off getting ready for breakfast!" The two quickly cleaned up. Harry brushed his teeth while olly showered and then they switched up.

" do you think your mom will like this top? " Harry pulled on his shirt and looked over at his girlfriend who was freaking out. "You look good in anything! Don't worry!" She decided to go with her white top with ivory embroidery along with black pair of skinny jeans. She then straightened her hair. " okay ready." She said to Harry who was waiting for her.  

" you look really cute! Don't worry she already likes you I can tell!" Olly took a deep breath, Harry gave her his hand she smiled and took it. They couple walked out of the room making their way to the kitchen. Everyone sat there laughing and talking. Harry's mom was making some breakfast.

" Anne your cooking is still so amazing! " Niall said stuffing his face with waffles and eggs.  

" it really is good! If only Olly cooked like this" Madeline said. " hey my cooking is okay!" Olly pointed out, Madeline gave her a weak smile and ate the rest of her food. " oh Olivia sweetie take a seat! Here's your breakfast" Anne handed her a plate.  

" thank you ms--"

" call me Anne pumpkin! Harry your girlfriend is so polite!" She also handed him a plate. " she is" he send her a wink. "She's always really shy when she meets parents she's always been like that" Ralph says. " oh Olivia you don't need to be shy around me! I mean we'll be family soon and all" she choked on her waffle.

  " you heard about our engagement" Harry asked Anne who now was sitting to olly offering her some milk.

" who hasn't I mean I was mad at first that you didn't bother to tell me about it! That's why I came here to meet my daughter in law, Gemma was about to come but something came up. And your father well...You know how he is!" Olly drank the milk thanking Anne.  

" does mom know about this?" Olly asked Ralph.   " not sure she's probably busy with her jewelry collection, and dads gone on a business trip to Asia I heard he'll be back tomorrow but I'm sure even then he wouldn't know about your little engagement."     " I guess I'll probably have to tell them about it"   

 " I'd love to meet your parents, your mother has her own jewellery line?" Olly let out a long sigh. "Yeah it was her way of forgetting about the whole divorce it might be that great to be stuck in the same room with my parents they tend to be a little crazy when their stuck in the same room" 

  "I think it's always like that with divorced parents that's how my parents were" Louis said. " you get used to after a while!"  

  "your mom seems actually happy being independent now" Zayn added, "she is" Louis replied smiling.

"are you going to eat that" Niall pointed at Zayn's half eaten omelette. "Be my guest" he handed him the omelette which Niall ate in one bite. "Hes a monster" Liam murmured. 

"Correction an eating monster. Hes worst than the cookie monster" Louis whispered back. "Stop judging me!" Niall yelled at the boys. The boys started laughing at him. "Dont worry Niall theres just being idiots" Olly comforted him. 

   " I think it's going to be fine don't worry!" Anne comforted her. She was really sweet. Olly already loved her.

" well I have a few things to do Ralph care to help me out?"  

" sure" Ralph stood up.  

" oh you boys can was back to the hotel now everything has been taken care of, I think there are still a few fans who are depressed so olly be careful they can be a little violent if you need anything you call me! Oh there's alot a live stream today and I want olly to appear along with you guys since they might ask a ton of questions might as well do it now!"  Olly wasn't ready for that at all she had never really been good on camera.

  " Ralph you know how awkward I can be on camera do I need to do that!" Her brother ruffled her hair giving her a bit of comfort. " you'll be fine you have your fiancée with you he'll take good care of you" 

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