My Brother is The manager of a british boy band

Ollie reunited with her brother when visiting him in the UK for the summer, but finds out that during his stay there he found himself a job as the new manager of a growing british boy band.


14. the flight

The next few days were the hardest the boys along with her brother tried their best to making her stay as fun as possible, harry was also helping. " thanks guys these past days were really fun!! i wouldnt forget my crazy summer with you all!" she looked over Harry trying to smile. " we'll miss you so much Olly"! Louis said faking a cry, zayn pulled into a bear hug.

" we can always call! this is not goodbye!" harry watched her hugging the others.  It had finally arrived the day she was leaving. ralph handed her plane ticket for 5:30, it was the only time the boys wouldnt run i to fans and that theyd be able to watch her get on her flight." flight 201 to canada passagers in five minutes." olly let out a long sigh smiling. " thats me!".  

" Dont forget to call all the time" louis told her ruffling her hair. " will do!" " I will miss you" niall said kissing her forehead. " come visit!" she told her. zayn and liam pulled her into a bear hug. " stay safe!" she nodded smiling.

" same goes to you be careful your fans can be crazy!" it was harrys turn she smiled pulling out her hand offering to a handshake. " hope we can be friends after all this" she hugged her brother who kissed her forehead.

" ill visit soon" they pinkie swore. "bye guys!!" she walked off as Harry watched her walk off, and that's when it hit him, he finally remembered everything was coming back to him. " I remember" he mumbled under his breath.

" what did you say?" Niall asked him. " I remember! Olly I remember" he yelled on top of his lungs smiling to himself. But it was too late since she was already gone. She was really gone. " I'm sorry mate!" Louis said patting his shoulder.

" I'll get her back" he said smiling. " we're meant to be" zayn nodded. " yeah your both weirdos!" Liam playfully punched his shoulder. " your just jealous of them!"  The boys headed back home as Harry looked back to watched Olly's plane fly off.

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