My Brother is The manager of a british boy band

Ollie reunited with her brother when visiting him in the UK for the summer, but finds out that during his stay there he found himself a job as the new manager of a growing british boy band.


17. the first date

Madeline came back carrying the pizza to find the whole gang of one direction in her living room.she so in shock she almost dropped the pizza thankfully niall caught it.

" your alright babe" he said. " I'm fine..." Niall laughed at her reply.

" actually I was talking to the pizza" the boys all laughed as Madeline blushed turning redder than a tomato! " you know he was kidding right?" Liam whispered to her. "Oh that's a relief" olly walked over to the boys standing next to Madeline. " did you know she's one of your biggest fans she adores you boys so much she even writes-- Madeline stopped olly from speaking by putting her hand over her mouth.

" don't listen to her she speaks nonsense!"

Olly pulled her hand away. " fanfic! They are quite good! She also has a thing for ziall"  madeline pulls olly aside. " why are you telling them theyll think im crazy!" Niall sneaked behind them joining their conversation.

" I want to read those fanfic! And ziall is real"olly watched Madeline's face light up as the boys complimented on her short stories, Harry took this moment to grab olly hand and pull her into her bedroom so they could have a moment together. Olly smiled asking him if had something on his mind.

" I've just realized how we've never really been on a date? Harry pointed out to her.

"Should we? Go a date?" It would be nice to spend some time since he wouldn't be in town for too long. " of course I want to spend as much time with you as I can!" That made her smile like a fool. She had never been with anyone who made her feel like she was falling in love every second she spend with someone.

" let's go on our first date then!" Later during that evening Harry had gone back to his hotel room to change. Olly called him to let him that she was ready. " you look mad cute olly!" Madeline said, she a petit olive green dress which was strapless with a small poof at the bottom.

" thanks, hopefully I'm not over dressed" Harry knocked on door to find olly standing near the door smiling.

" I'm overdressed?" He stood in silent staring at her. " you look perfect."

  " that's exactly what I wanted to hear!" She said smiling. " have fun you two while I sit here all alone watching chick flicks!" Madeline whined.

" actually I called and told the boys they could come by to keep you company if you'd like." Madeline squealed hugging Harry. " zayn Liam,Louis  and Niall in one room with me all alone! I need to go fresher up! Ahh!!!" She rushed out of the living room. He looked down on his watch.

" we better get going!"they got into his car. " where are we going? Don't you need a disguise what if your fans-- he pressed his finger on her lips. " tonight it's about you and me."  

 They drove for a few hours, olly kept staring at Harry while he concentrated on the road. " is there something on my face?" " nope I'm just still in shock over the fact that your actually here, you know I've actually had dreams of reuniting but when I'd wake up and realize it was only a dream, I was devastated." Harry looked at her he gave her one of his killer smiles.

" you know that this is just the beginning! I told you I'm not going anywhere" they finally arrived to their destination. It was a little cafe which seemed to also be a live music cafe. "I've been here once and it's amazing you'll love it!"

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