My Brother is The manager of a british boy band

Ollie reunited with her brother when visiting him in the UK for the summer, but finds out that during his stay there he found himself a job as the new manager of a growing british boy band.


5. The Club


  " I don't kiss and tell" she told Niall trying to end the conversation. Harry looked at her with a smirk. So now that they kissed did it mean that he liked her? Did she like him back? Was this going to turn into a summer fling? She couldn't think straight. " guys there's a party and Ralph wants us to go to promote our coming album." Liam told the gang while reading the text message he had received out loud.   " oh so where is this party? And am I invited?" Zayn leaned over to look at Liam's phone.   " it's at this new club downtown! We'll just add you to the list as our plus one!" She hasn't been clubbing in ages this was definitely going to be a blast! But what on earth was she going to wear? Once home the gang quickly took showers and got ready around  9:40  the boys were all sitting in the living room waiting for Ollie to be done. " why do girls take forever to get ready!   I mean seriously it should just take them 15mins or the latest 20mins" Niall complained while munching up on some nachos. " if you keep eating like that you'll get a stomach ache maybe I should take them away from you" zayn slowly tried to grab the nachos but Niall growled at him hiding his precious food away. " it's mine"     " did you just growl at me?! Guys Niall gone mad he just growled at me" Louis was posting a few pictures on twitter and looked over to Zayn. " yeah he's been doing that for over a week now! I would suggest you to stay away from his food or he might bite"  Harry was fixing his hair while Liam was busy doing a quick twitcam for the fans. " well guys were about to head out ill try to do a twitcam later!"     Ollie was finally done getting ready, she had straightened her bangs and curled up the bottom of her hair, for her outfit, she had found a cute little dress in the bottom of her suitcase, it was a short black dress, the bottom of the dress had a bit of a pouf to it which made it look simple.   She added a few gold accessories such as bracelets and a few rings to finish off the outfit she wore black shiny pointy flats.   She made her way to the living to find the boys being boys, zayn and Niall were still arguing while Liam was still on his twitcam as for Louis and Harry they were still touching up a few things on their outfits. " sorry I took so long" she joined them in the living room as they stared at her in shock, she wasn't sure if it was a good or bad thing.   Maybe the outfit wasn't really as great as she thought it was. " you look...-- Zayn couldn't even seem to be able to finish the sentence. " amazing I mean wow.. You should really dress up all the time" Louis told her. " thanks for a second I thought it was too much" they shook their head in disagreement.   " well we better get going everyone is there!" Niall said checking his phone. Olly followed the boys as Harry grabbed her hand pulling her next to him. " you really look nice!" He whispered in her ear. She bite her lower lip trying not to smile. "Are you also so flirty around girls?" She asked him trying to let go of his hand, yet he still held on. " only with the ones I like" the boys called out to the two who seemed to be walking slowly. " coming!"   Harry finally let go as  Olly yelled walking a little faster to catch up to the others. The club was better then she had expected it looked like those fancy clubs for rich people you normally see on tv! She walked in notice people dancing on the dance floor while the dj spinned a tunes.   " come on let's dance!" She walked over to the dance floor pulling out some of her deadly yet flawless dance moves. " wow never thought she could move that way! I'm going to dance!" Niall ran to the middle dance floor pulling out some of his robot dance moves which made her laugh at loud, she joined in the fun.   " I'm hitting up the bar to grab a few drinks." Louis yelled over the loud music. " I'll help!" Harry offered. For the first couple of hours the gang danced and had a few drinks. One of the co owners of the club told the boys that theyd be going on stage in a few minutes so they had to go backstage right away!    A few moments later the announcer goes on stage to get everyones attention.    " ladies and gentlemen the moment you were waiting for! It's one direction performing their new hit single LWWY!" The boys come out and the crowd goes wild.      


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