My Brother is The manager of a british boy band

Ollie reunited with her brother when visiting him in the UK for the summer, but finds out that during his stay there he found himself a job as the new manager of a growing british boy band.


19. the announcement

The couple share a few more hours talking.

" most embarrasing thing you've done?" Olly thought back thinking, she twirled the bottom of her hair with her finger. "I'd probably have to say, that time I went  my friends were always pranking so I wanted to take revenge and so one day I went to my friends new place and wanted to egg her house so I started throwing the eggs on her window and then I heard someone coming to the door so I thought I was her I threw my last egg which landed straight into my crush's face, he never talked to me again."

Harry couldn't stop laughing which made her blush. " not funny it was so embarrassing and awkward" she gave in and laughed along with him. They decided to share a cheesecake since Olly really enjoyed them"So how is it?." She said while he ate his cheesecake. " this is really good! Taste" he cut a piece of the cake feeding her.

" it really is!" He leaned across the table and kissed her. " what was that for?" She asked. " for being damn cute!" He pulled out his phone and asked her to take a seat with him. " I've been getting a ton of twitter message of fans" olly gasped in shock. " they hate me right?" He shook his head showing her the message.

" they are actually quite happy! And even want to see a picture of you! Which is why we're going to take one!" He wrapped his arm around her shoulder pulling her closer. " smile!" She smiled as the flash went off. " perfect!"  She looked over to Harry, they were really going to be spending the rest of their lives together.

" I can't wait for the day that your officially mine" he said to her. " what do your parents think of me? I mean I've never even met them!" The completely forgot of about how her parents would react to he engagement. " my mother knows all about you, since I've been talking none stop about you. My sister can't wait to meet up with you neither can my step dad."

 " you talk about me?" She asked smiling.

" of course! I mean how could I not?" He replied making her laugh. " silly! I've actually haven't really told me pare take about you, I mean I might have mentioned how I liked you but it never really talked about you!" He pouted. " can I meet them?" They sat there quietly as she thought for a moment.

" well I guess but it will be  awkward since they don't really get along with each other ever since the divorce and all" last time they were in a room together was when Ralph had visited and dad had brought over his new girlfriend Bethany mom wasn't too happy. " I'm sure it wouldn't be that bad parents tend to love me you know!"  

"Well we will probably have to see!" The rest of the evening went by pretty quickly Harry drove olly back to her apartment. " I had an amazing night better than I actually imagined!" She said playing with her new ring.

" your welcome ms. Styles don't you just love how that sounds?" She leaned closer to his driver seat in to give him a quick on the cheek. " it's like music to my ears, wonder how the others are going to react to our news!" Harry helped her out of the car.

" why don't we see? Come on!" They walked into the apartment, once in front of the door olly knocked on the door but no reply. " wonder what's going on?" Harry said while olly looked for her key. " hello?" She said walking in no reply they walked into the living room which was empty.

" I hear something" they both walked towards one of the bedrooms. " that's the spot! Oh my god!You've got it!" Harry and olly shared a confused look. " you don't think?" Olly asked her boyfriend. "Zayn it's Niall turns you have to wait you've already had two tries!" Olly gasped as Harry opened the door to find the boys all on the floor with Madeline playing twister. " hey guys your back!" Madeline greeted them while Niall tries to touch the blue dot with his leg. " my turn!" Zayn screamed! " how was the date?" Madeline asked while playing her game. "Olly and I are getting married!" Harry said happily showing their engagement rings. The boys looked at each other in shock.

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