My Brother is The manager of a british boy band

Ollie reunited with her brother when visiting him in the UK for the summer, but finds out that during his stay there he found himself a job as the new manager of a growing british boy band.


11. starting over.

The boys helped Harry get out of the car while Olly grabbed his bags from the trunk of her brothers car. " here!" She handed the bags to Ralph. Harry looked at her with a blank look on his face. " are you planning on staying here ?" He asked her. " why do you want to me stay?" She swore to herself that no matter what she's get his memory back and when she does she'll confess to him.

" you can do whatever you want I don't really care" he was acting exactly the same way. " alright I will" Niall handed Olly her bag which the cops had found in the abandoned taxi when she was kidnapped.

" thanks!" He wrapped his arm around her neck. " he'll open up to you soon don't ya worry!" Niall had been just a good friend through out this whole thing Olly felt closer to him than any of the other boys. " yeah I guess.."  

A few days had passed and there was still a bit of a tension between Olly and Harry. " where's my salad?" She looked around in the kitchen to find Harry eating her salad while talking on the phone. " no way babes your cute!" She slapped him behind the head making him drop the salad and his phone.

" what the hell what that for?" He yelled at her. " you know what I can't stand this anymore you eat my food, use up all the hot water and then throw my stuff out without telling me!" He grabbed his phone from the floor. " hey babes can I call you back? Yeah..alright see you in a bit" but the worst part was that seeing him flirt with other girls in front of her, it was killing him.

" why don't you just leave then?" He said leaning back into the couch. " oh im not leaving, if it war that you want Styles! It's a war you'll get"  even if she couldn't get his memory back she wasn't going to let him walk all over her. She went upstairs while he took a short and grabbed all of his clothes and throwing it in the washer. "Where are my clothes?" The boys and Ralph came back to find Harry yelling and knocking on Olly bedroom door while just wearing a towel. " why don't you get dressed before getting angry after her"  

" I would if she hadnt thrown all my clothes in the washer and shrunk them! Your sister is a devil" he yelled, " Olly come out I got you some nandos!" Niall said as she opened her door. " sweet thanks niall I was getting hungry? Nandos? Is it any good?" She didn't even look at Harry who was bright red and full of fury. " you've never tasted Nandos chicken? It's heaven." Louis grabbed a piece of chicken.

" if nandos was a girl I think niall would marry her!" The gang busted into laughter.

" here are some clothes Harry! I know you and Olly might not be getting along now but from what I heard you two were really close before the accident so why don't you try to get along?" Ralph suggest. " never! I'm heading out" just as he was about to head out he overheard Olly speaking.

" Niall what kind of girl do you actually like?" Why would she be asking him that? Did she like him? Harry wondered as he continued to eavesdrop. " I like fun girls like you!" He turned bright red. " haha I think any girl would be like to be with you!" She ruffled his hair. " zayn stop heading my chicken!" Niall yelled,zayn was secretly eating the food while they were having their moment.

" who cares if she likes him it's not like I have any feeling for a stupid girl like her! I can't even stand her" he mumbled under his breath. " hey curly! Not eating?" Louis asked him which made him jump. " woah didn't see you there! No I'm heading out lizzy wants to hang out at her place so I might not come home tonight" he winked. " you sleaze! I just hope when you get your memory you wouldn't regret all of this!"  

This left Harry thinking, why would he regret it? Olly watched Harry walk out, it pained her to see him with someone else but if she tried to stop him he'd hate her even more..." Oh man! Louis we need to get going we have that radio interview!" Liam grabbed his phone and shoes while Louis followed him. " Olly want to come with?"  

" no thanks I think I'll stay home" Niall sat next to her. " I'll stay too! Since I don't have much going on!" Ralph came into the room. " come on you two we need to go!ill call you later Olly keep an eye on her Niall I'm counting on you " he saluted him like a soldier as they left them alone.

" okay want to do something?"  

" not really I just to be lazy!" He started to laugh.

" sounds good to me!"


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