My Brother is The manager of a british boy band

Ollie reunited with her brother when visiting him in the UK for the summer, but finds out that during his stay there he found himself a job as the new manager of a growing british boy band.


20. spending the night together


" engagement? When did this happen? Harry how long were you planning this?" Liam asked him

" I was thinking of it for a while but I finally made my mind when I met Olly" Madeline stood up and pulled olly into a hug.

" congrats ! Never thought I'd see the day that you'd get married! Harry you better take good care of this girl!"

" congrats mate!" Louis congratulated his best friend. " hope theirs loads of good food at your wedding! Oh how about getting a nandos theme for your wedding I can bring the chicken?" Niall suggest with enthusiasm, olly took a moment to slap him behind the head for him to stop daydreaming. " ow that hurts" he whined.

" that was the point!"  

" does Ralph know?" Zayn asked them. " not really your the first to know about it!" Liam's phone started to ring. " correction the whole world knows"  

" what?" Olly and Harry looked at each other when his phone started ringing as well.

" people are re tweeting the video of my engagement proposal." He told her showing her all of the comments and retweets on his twitter.

" wonder if Ralph saw it too?" Speaking of the devil Ralph was ringing up olly. She took a deep breath before answering the phone.

" hey Ralph how's it going?"   " I left the two of you for a day and your already engaged? Did you think of telling me first?" She passed the phone to Harry. " this is your conversation you should talk to him. "Hey Ralph olly didn't know anything about this it was my idea. " there was a long pause at the end of the line.

" well that decision is causing a commotion with the management but I have a question for you, do you really think you can make my sister happy?" Harry looked over to olly who was now sitting with the boys waiting for Harry to end the call.

" I do!" Ralph sighed. " alright, I'll take care of everything don't bother going back to the hotel there's probably cameras and paparazzi waiting for you so stay with olly at her place until I tell you to leave."  

" sounds like a plan!" He handed his girlfriend her phone back.

" we need to stay here for the night until everything is taken care of"


Madeline and olly set up a place to sleep for the boys in the living room unfortunately they didn't have any extra bedrooms.


" thanks again girls for letting us stay for the night" Liam said grabbing a few blankets from the closet, Niall came back from the convenient store with give Toothbrushes and toothpaste.

" well if there's anything else we'll be in our rooms." The girls walked to their rooms. Olly was changing out of her dress when someone walked in.

" what the--" it was Harry “Whoa, you look great, babe,” Harry breathed out as his eyes wandered over your body, taking everything in. She was wearing her underwear and bra. " don't you knock?" She tried to find her pjs which were on the top shelf of her dresser. " let me help love." He reached out and grabbed her bottom and top. " thanks now turn around while I change" he smiled and turned around.

" only because you asked nicely" olly quickly changed, harry turned around to take a quick peek without her noticing. " Harry I can feel your eyes on me."

She smiled as he turned around. " it's not my fault your smoking I can't help myself. Oh is this where I'm sleeping?" He said.

" I made you a cozy bed in the living room" he walks over to her wrapping his arms around her and resting his head on her shoulder.

"But if i stay with you ill be much more cozy and i want to snuggle"  he kisses her neck softly knowing it was a weakness of hers and that she'd give in sooner or later. "Fine" 

Olly knew hat she wouldnt be getting any sleep with Harry around. 

"this is going to be a long night" she mumbled walking over to her bed.

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