My Brother is The manager of a british boy band

Ollie reunited with her brother when visiting him in the UK for the summer, but finds out that during his stay there he found himself a job as the new manager of a growing british boy band.


7. Saying Goodbye

She tried to cover herself with the duvet while he sat on the bed staring at her with a smile on his face, this made her very uncomfortable which is why he was doing it. "your blushing.." he pointed out.

" turned around I need to find something to wear" she said waiting for him to close his eyes . " it's not like I haven't seen it by the way cute tattoo." She had gotten a tattoo last winter on her waist which was a lullaby she loved.

" don't tell anyone I haven't told Ralph about it!" He made a zipping gestures without opening his eyes once. " okay you can opened them.!" She was wearing an oversized shirt with pj bottoms which seemed to be hers. " she she walked up to the mirror to fix her hair she noticed a hickey on her neck. " really? You just had to give me one?"  


 " well I couldn't help myself!" She rolled her eyes letting her down so no one notices.

"That's your excuse!" He nodded and got out of bed to wrap his arms around her waist resting his head on her shoulder. " so what happens from here?" She turned around to face him, and took a long deep breath.


" look Harry I like you I mean your really awesome but I think we're better off as friends. Your a celebrity and I'm just the sister of your manager..." He runs his fingers through her hair giving her a smirk. " like friends with benefits? Can I do this" he pulls her into a deep kiss, clearly this wasn't what she was expecting to happen when she telling him that they'd be better off as friends.

She tried to pull her away which was what her mind wanted but her body was saying otherwise. " morning breath" she said pulling away and ran off to the bathroom. " this is going to be harder than I expected" she mumbled to herself.


The gang was already grouped up in the kitchen having their breakfast and laughing. " morning!" She grabbed some orange juice when she noticed the boys smiling at her. " do I have toothpaste on my cheek or something." Liam shook his head as Zayn let out a small snicker.


" so Olly are you and Harry a thing? We saw you two dancing yesterday..." Niall jumped in the conversation as well. " and you left the party when we can home you two were fast asleep.." Olly awkwardly laughed.

" well you see we're just friends I mean he has his music career and his fans and Im not really looking for a summer fling! Plus Ralph is a little protective when it comes to who I date. "    

" well looks like the whole world knows about this little thing of yours  now it's all over the net!"

She couldn't believe it she grabbed her phone and searched Harry's name on the Internet to find pictures of the two yesterday. There were tons of article like " who's Harry's new girl" or " meet Harry's new girlfriend! Rumour has it she's Canadian and the sister of their manager." Harry came down in the kitchen wearing his black jeans with a white v neck he was on the phone with someone. " no I haven't seen the articles." He looked over Olly and let out a sigh. " she's in the kitchen ill pass her the phone." He handed her the phone she tried to read his facial expression but couldn't who was on the phone.

" hello?" 

  " Olivia" this was serious, it was Ralph. The only time he called her Olivia was when things were really bad like that time she threw that house party and the house was trashed Ralph came to the rescue but he was really pissed. " hey! So how's the business trip?" She bite her lip as he took a long pause before answering her.


" it was going quite well until I saw all these pictures and articles all over the Internet! About you and Harry! Olivia when I left you when those boys I didn't think you'd be going out with one of them." This wasn't good. " look we're not going out it was one silly night I'm sorry! I got drunk and you know how out of place I get when I have a couple of drinks! I'm sorry!"

 " I think it would be for the best if you packed your bags and headed back home until things got sorted out! My phone been ringing like crazy and fans can get pretty violent so for you safety it would be better if you left!" She could help it tears were rolling down her face.


" so to solve your own problem your sending me back! you know what fine! It's not like I can trust you like I use to! You know what Ralph you changed I miss the old you!" She didn't even give him a chance to answer to that and handed Harry his phone back wiping her tears away on her shirt and headed back upstairs without saying a word. The boys looked at each other not sure what to do.

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