My Brother is The manager of a british boy band

Ollie reunited with her brother when visiting him in the UK for the summer, but finds out that during his stay there he found himself a job as the new manager of a growing british boy band.


16. reunion

She let him in as he took a seat on their couch. "i cant believe harry styles in actually in our house right now can you please sign my CDs for me?" Madeline asked him pulling out her one direction CDs.

"Sure!" Olly watched him as he signed the albums, she still couldn't believe after two years he was finally back by her side.

"Are you going to stare at me all day?" He asked her as she snapped out of her thoughts blushing. " I'm sorry it's just I can't believe your actually here."

Madeline stared at the two, noticing they needed some time alone.

"Well I'm going to grab that pizza ill be back in a bit" she grabed her wallet and headed out. harry took a seat next to her, " i never really got a chance to tell you that i really like you Harry, even if i tried to lie to myself my heart already belonged to you" she paused for a moment laughing. "that actually sounds cheeser than i thought i would!" harry grabbed the back of her head pulling her into a kiss.

"i really like you too! and im sorry for making you cry so much and treating you like crap when i couldnt remember you!" She kissed his cheek. " I forgive you"  the two sat for an hour catching up on the last two years.

" so is everyone really here? are they coming here?" he smiled and poked her cheek. " your getting awfully excited! yes the suppose to be here soon!"

 Just then the boys walked in being loud and cheerful. "Olly! did you see our performance!" niall said all excited he ran into her arms. "It's my turn to hug her" Louis tried to pull away niall, " aw! Guys I missed you all so much!" She hugged them all. " so are you and Harry okay now?" Zayn asked her making her blush.

" we'll take this as a yes!" Liam said smiling.  " how long are you guys in town?"  


 "Until the end of the week, so three days."                         

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