My Brother is The manager of a british boy band

Ollie reunited with her brother when visiting him in the UK for the summer, but finds out that during his stay there he found himself a job as the new manager of a growing british boy band.


10. Rescue

"Well well well, so glad you could join us boys and what do we have here Harry also came along? Maybe to say hello to you girlfriend?" Harry noticed Olly tied up on the chair staring at the boys you could see a light in her eyes when she saw the boys come to her rescue. " where's the money?" Xander asked, Ralph pulled out the suitcase with the 10grand in it. " it's all there now I want my sister" he said.

While the boys were distracted Olly freed herself and made a run for it, Micky noticed her running away so he ran after her. " stop running!" He yelled after her as she climbed on the stairs she tried to run across the long hallway to find a hole in the floor. " shit!" She mumbled under her breath. " your stuck! So why don't you slowly come back here so we can all just go home!" Micky said. " piss off" she yelled before she knew it harry ran towards her pushing Micky out of his way making him fall down the stairs.

Olly ran over to Harry pulling him into hug, she was trembling. " I'm sorry I was late!" He said to her trying to calm her down. " I'm glad you came" the two said in each others arms for a few moments when noticed Xander walking towards them holding a gun to Ralph head and the suitcase in his left hand. " you two get down from there and nobody gets hurt!" They did as they were told, Harry looked over to Olly asking her to run for it, within a few second Olly sprinted grabbing Ralph hand and ran Xander turned around pointing his fun at them. When Harry jumped in.

Then there was a loud noise. She turned around to see Harry falling from the second floor to the floor hitting his head. Olly ran over towards to see if he was alright. " Harry wake up please," he was bleeding from the back oh his head. On his left Xander was lying on the floor he had been punched and the gun went off on its on. " freeze!!" The swat teams came in arresting Micky and Kyle. " we need help here!!" She yelled towards the cops. Ralph joined her picking up Harry from the floor. " we need an ambulance " he yelled as the cops called out to an ambulance parked outside.  


    They waited in the emergency room, Olly sat quietly in a corner when her brother walked in with a cup of coffee. " here, how are you holding up?" He asked her she didn't say a word, she tried to drink her cup but her hand was shaking so much and she dropped the coffee on the floor. " I'll .. Clean it up" she sat on the floor wiping the coffee off the floor, her vision got blurring. " Olivia it's not your fault! He wouldn't want to see you crying like this"  

  " I'm sorry I shouldn't have come this summer I..." Ralph pulled her into his arms as she continued to sob. " Olly, Ralph!" Someone said they spotted the one direction boys running towards them. " we heard what happened how are you holding up? How is he?" Louis asked. " he's in surgery right now he have to wait..." The boys noticed Olly tearing up. " he's a tough kid don't worry Olly!" Liam said with a smile.

" we're you guys able to contact his family?" Ralph shook his head. "I tried to contact them but they've left for a vacation to Australia, I left a message"  The gang waiting for a few hours when the doctor walked over to them. " the surgery was a success it was a good thing you rushed him here since he had a severe concussion. He'll probably wake up in an hour or so" Olly couldn't stop smiling she hugged her brother. " that's a relief doctor thank you can we wait in his room" zayn asked. " of course go right ahead"

 Harry was sleeping peacefully in his bed, his head was wrapped up with bandages to keep the stitches intact.        


The next morning Olly and the others had spent the night in the hospital, so since the boys looked over Harry last night she decided to buy them some breakfast on her way back to Harry's room she could hear some laughing and a familiar voice. " man it's nice to see you finally awake. " Ralph said. " yeah well my head is killing me! How did I even-- he was interrupted by Olly who stood at the door smiling. " hey!" She said trying not to cry. " hello?.." Harry said confused he pulled on Niall sleeve. " who is that?" He asked. " what? Dude it's no time to joke around, Olly was crying her eyes out last night waiting for you to wake up." Olly walked over to the edge of his bed. " you don't know who I am?" " am I suppose to know who you are? I mean I think if we met, I always remember a cute face"  Ralph called the doctor back for a check up. After a quick diagnose he asked the gang to come with him into his office.


"He has amnesia, normally with a concussion like his we can't really really know when his memory will come back but if we're ever to get severe I'd come back!"   " so why is it that he just remember me?" Olly asked. " well it might be because his emotions aren't allowing him maybe he's afraid of something so he's blocking you out of his memories that could be another reason." The doctor got a message through his pager.

" now if you'll excuse me I have another patient to check up on if you ever need anything else feel free to come find me"

"thank you doctor" Ralph said. "Amnesia..." Olly mumbled under her breath looking over to Harry who sat on his bed chatting with the boys. 


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