My Brother is The manager of a british boy band

Ollie reunited with her brother when visiting him in the UK for the summer, but finds out that during his stay there he found himself a job as the new manager of a growing british boy band.


4. Mad Fans.

 The gang finally got worn out and decided to head back to the car when they noticed it was surrounded by 50 screaming fan girls. " run for your lifes" they all ran in different direction while Olly stood there confused until Harry grabbed her hand running off with her. They quickly found an alley while they leaned on the wall so the girls wouldn't find them. Olly face was on Harry's chest and she could hear his heart beating faster. " are you scared?" She asked him as he looked into her eyes. " why do you ask?" He said to her. " your heart seemed to be beating very quickly" he pushed away her bangs so he could properly see her face.

" it's because your so close to me" and with that bend down to kissed her.  Olly mind went blank this is not what she was expecting when she was coming to visit her brother. After kissing her he pulls away. " what was that for?" She managed to say without stuttering.

"I don't know you just looked really cute when your confused. " she crossed her arms not  with what he was saying. " I wasn't confused...just shocked how girls can hunt you down so quickly, how in earth did they even know we were here" she then got interrupted with a second kiss. " why do you keep kissing me is it because I'm talking a lot because I'm not!" He started laughing but the group of girl stop at the exit of the alley noticing them. " turn around they'll see you" she grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into a kiss, this time shocking him. "OH! I see Niall, they went that way lets go!" One of the girls screamed as the others followed.

"That was close" Harry cleared his throat and stood up. " yeah!" He said she noticed her lipgloss was all over his lips and wiped it off. " well this is interesting normally I don't kiss someone I barely know. I guess things are different in the UK" niall came running towards them, his shirt was ripped and he was missing a shoe. " they got zayn you guys need to come and help out! Wait what's going on here?" He asked curiously as Olly quickly changed the conversation.

" nothing, lets go help him" they noticed the girls surrounded zayn and touched his hair while the others tried to get a hold of his shirt. " Louis help!" He yelled but Louis was trapped as well the girls had him pined on the ground and Liam took refuge in a tree. " oh my god they've gone mad!" Olly whispered hoping they hadn't noticed them. " I've got an idea ill be right back!" She ran off and found a piece of paper along with a pen in the car.

" ladies I have here 50 VIP tickets for one direction private concert tonight an it's free" the girls ran towards her as she threw the tickets in the air giving signals to the boys to run for it. They all headed towards their car when one of the girls noticed the tickets were fake.  " hey!! That the hell is this?" Olly started up the car. " guys buckle up!" Harry looked around as if he had lost something. " guys where's Louis?" She looked back and noticed he was missing.

" there he is" Liam yelled, he was running as fast as he could while the girls ran after him. " start the car!" He yelled, Olly started driving in reverse as niall opened the back door pulling Louis in and they drove off finally getting rid of the crazy fan girls . " that was crazy!!" Zayn said letting out a long sigh of relief.

"is it always so hectic?" she asked driving out of the golf parking lot. "this was nothing, we once had a fan hiding in out garbage for a week" Liam said.

"wow well we will have to be careful next time we go out" Olly said smiling as the boys nodded. "harry why are you lips so sparkly?" Niall asked and he looked over at Olly who was also wearing lip gloss. "You way!!!

"its not what you think" olly tried to explain herself. "Watch where your driving!!" Louis yelled as she turned her attention back to the road. "Yes we kissed" Harry said with a smile.

well this is just great now everyone knew that they kissed.

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