My Brother is The manager of a british boy band

Ollie reunited with her brother when visiting him in the UK for the summer, but finds out that during his stay there he found himself a job as the new manager of a growing british boy band.


2. here we go~!

After getting them all dressed up Olly and the boys headed out towards the car, Niall kept complaining about how itching his wig was. " niall it's fine stop touching it or else it will fall off" she adjusted it for him and glanced over to Louis who was scratching his facial hair," omg you look like a cross dresser priceless" Liam and zayn joined in snickering.


" oh your just jealous" Harry was pretty quite standing in his pink summer dress looking quite girly thanks to her make skills. " lets go hope in" they got into her car and drove around downtown.


" Where do you guys want to go first?" she asked without taking her eyes off the road. "how about topshop! we can check out their new arrivals!" zayn suggested. " sounds good! lets go" she punched in the coordinates on her gps and turned left. The boys were all singing along to the music on the radio while Harry listened to his music. Once they arrived the boys ran around the store pulling clothes off the shelfs trying them on and stuff.

"Harry what do you think of this?" She asked him holding up a dress it was white with light blue strips. " it's really weird" he mumbled she rolled her eyes and walked off to another section. The boys were pretty much everywhere so harry just followed Olly around. "I'm hungry I'm going to grab some ice cream" she said out loud wondering if any of the boys heard her.

Just as she walked outside passing an alley a group of boys stopped her      "Hey babes why chill with us" he guy asked grabbing her wrist" she tried to get out of his grip. " how about you piss off and let go" she bite her lower lip in pain as he was bruising her wrist. Harry looked over and noticed Olly wasnt around the store and walked out to find her being pulled away by three guys.

He rushed over to her . " what are you doing?" the guy pushed him away. " none of your business ugly freak"Harry swung a punch at the guy who finally let go of her, the guy landed on the floor as his friend pushed Harry throwing him on to the floor as he lost his wig. " what the hell your a guy, oh I'm going to have fun beating the crap out of you" Olly snuck behind the guy kicking him in the balls and punching him in the eye. " don't you dare touch him, jackasses and if I see you again I wouldn't go easy on you" she kicked the guy in the red cap in the stomach while he was on the ground. " that's for bruising my wrist asshole!"

She walked over to Harry helping him back to the car hoping no one see him. "Thanks" he mumbled as she placed him in the back of the car. " I'll be right back stay here" she left for a few minutes and came back with a bag.

" I had to get this" it was some ice and anti swelling." She sat next to him grabbing his face which he didn't expect making him blush. " are you okay your red." He nodded as she leaned in closer and placed the ice on his cheek for a few minutes to reduce the puffiness and put the anti swelling cream. " thanks alot for saving me" she murmured with a shy smile. This was actually the first time they shared since she had arrived. He definitely was a jerk like she taught he was.

" I should actually be thanking you for helping me as well, is your wrist okay?"   She moved around her wrist to show him " oh it's fine see..ouch" she laughed nervously as he grabbed the ice and softly massaged it on her wrist. "Are we friends now?"  He nodded. " how can we not after you beat up a guy for me and threatening him like that"  just as she was about to say something Harry's phone rang.

" hello?"  " mate where did you go?"  It was Louis. " we're back in the car, we had a little accident, no not like that just come and ill explain"      

"Can we just restart I hate this awkwardness between us" she asked him with a smile as he nodded. " oh and next time knock when you want to walk into the bathroom when I'm half naked." He let out a laugh. " if you must know you look really good" she playfully slapped him. " so you did peak perv!" She laughed and leaned in the back seat with him talking about stuff as they waited for the others.

" mate you missed out of the sales!" Liam told him as the dropped their things in the trunk. " oh snap! Dude what happened. "

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