My Brother is The manager of a british boy band

Ollie reunited with her brother when visiting him in the UK for the summer, but finds out that during his stay there he found himself a job as the new manager of a growing british boy band.


3. Golf time

 "its nothing we just got into a small fight, its cool" harry tried to explain"

" Never knew you were the street fighter type" Zayn said impressed. "good job" he added, Liam slapped him from the back of the head. "Your not suppose to encourage him mate! Are you two alright?" he asked concerned as Olly smiled and nodded. "Were fine you should be concerned for the two assholes who are probably still lying on the ground crying for their mommies" Harry bursted in laugther. 

"well since we missed out on shopping what do you guys want to do now?" Olly asked taking a seat behind the wheel. "How about we get out of these ridiculous outfits first"

"Good plan you guys really look horrible in those dresses especially you Louis" he stuck out his tongue at her. "Bet i rocked this dress better then you"

"All of a sudden you've become my favourite" she said with a wink as he laughed. 

Olly really enjoyed her stay here even though they wouldn't be able to go out as much she's sure they could find other was to have fun. The boys made a quick stop at a restroom to get out of the dresses put on some of the clothes they bought.  




Since Harry was almost the same size as Zayn he lend him his clothes. " so how about we go play golf?" Niall asked and they nodded. " I'm not sure I'm not really good at it! Last time I play I accidentally hit my ex on the head with the stick" she mumbled of embarrassment as Louis placed a hand on her shoulder.


" we'll show you how to play like a pro" they headed towards the golf course which seemed to be pretty empty the boys walked over the counter as Harry slowly walked behind Olly to see how she was doing. " how's your wrist? It looks alot better."

She nodded moving it around. " it's much better how about you the swelling is gone" he smiled like a little kid. " much better thanks to you, come on the boys are going to be wondering where we are" he grabbed her hand as they walked towards the courts. Harry finally noticed he was still holding her hand. " sorry" she smiled and wrapped her arm around his neck. " you don't need to be sorry silly! Now come on bet I can beat you" she said as he went first. " as if I'm a pro when it comes to golf" after a quick lesson with Louis, Olly  felt very confident of her chances. She took her position and hit the ball getting a hole in one. " yes!!!" She screamed happily. She started to do a victory dance as Niall joins in. " that was amazing! Harry she totally creamed you!"

Zayn said to Harry who was still staring in shock. " I demand a rematch" he told her as she stuck out her tongue. " oh please can you just admit defeat right now?" He pouted like a child and looked over to Louis asking him to back him up. " Harry she totally owned you" Olly paused and walked over towards Harry.

" I'll give you a second chance but if I win you must grant me anything I want for 24hrs" he hesitated and stuck out his hand for her to shake. " deal" Olly took the first move and made her second hole in one. " seriously how do you do that?" She winked and swung the stick over her shoulder. " I have skills"  

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