It started with a smile...

We were two halves of the same heart.

Meant to be.

Pulling at each other's gravity.

We needed to be together but stuck waiting for the right time.

And finally, it came.

It started with a smile.


1. At First Sight


It started with a smile.

We were sitting on opposite ends of the classroom, him; surrounded by his mates, me; surrounded by mine. Mrs Hobb was lecturing us on Shakespeare in her annoying shrill voice. He cracked a joke, a stupid one, about Shakespeare, it can’t have been that funny, but I laughed regardless. My usual laugh: cheerful and bubbly but louder than others which meant mine practically reverberated around the room. I covered my mouth subconsciously as I saw his head arise and swivel round to my direction, searching for the owner of the laugh. I assumed he was trying to find me so he could take the mick out of me and I shrunk into my seat trying to blend in with the gaggle of girls around me.

No such luck. I saw him glance over at me before fixating his gorgeous brown eyes on me. There was a moment of suspense…as if time itself had stopped and we were alone. It was over quicker than it started and reality fell back in place. His eyes remained locked on mine and his lips twitched before curving into a warming smile. I forced myself to look away as I knew if I looked at him any longer, I would never be able to look away.

His name was James.  I couldn’t even say his name without getting a small butterfly feeling in my stomach. I can’t say it was love at first sight but it was the first time I noticed him so I can’t label it as nothing. Ever since then, every little thing he does, made me fall for him even more

The way he ruffled his straight fingers through his dark brown hair; the way that when he got nervous, he reached up and straightened his collar, the way even after he had stop laughing, there was still a glint in his eye like a mesmerising silent laugh. 

I wonder if he notices me. 

I wonder if he notices me like I notice him.

I wonder if he wonders about me.

I wonder if he wonders about me like I wonder about him. 


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