Spencer Doe has been having a weird, yet frightening dream every night for a long time.
But when Spencer ges locked in a store with 5 lads, she gets to know them. And acually starts liking them.
Meeting these 5 lads has some wht changed her life.
Questions get anwsered. Clues are given. And the meaning behind The Dream will be solved.
What will happen when Spencer finds out a huge secret?
Everything changes.


8. New Neighbors

Spencer's POV:

We made it to the flat fine. The buildings were nice. It had a huge pool and everything.

I opened my text from Jake again to see waht building and flat I was on.

Building 16. Flat 3. How many are there?

We got to the flat and looked inside.

It was huge! and very nice!! The was were a pretty color and the decorations were fantastic!

I looked in the living room to find the couches were comfy and soft. Even the cable was set up, but I was still paying. I looked in the kitchen and dining room, it was all great and put to gether well!

I went upstairs to find my room but found a spar room insead. Thats cool.

I opened another door and found my music room. It was amazing! My piano was ny the window. It had a good view. My drums were on the other side of the room and my guitar was by two soft black chairs that match the drums and piano. This was beyond awesome!

I looked in another room by a closet and bathroom, it was my big bedroom. The walls were a light blue and it had all my things in it. It how I would have done it.

Jake did and amazing job!!

Now to move my other things in.


Its 3:45 now and everything is done.

My family left and its time for my to explore.


I had looked around my flat and called Jake to thank him foreverything. It was apparently my birthday present. It was a awesome present.

I laughed. Nice Jake.

I guess I'll explore this building.

I dont get why they have 20 buildings and 5 flats in each.

Whatever I dont care. Because they're big and nice.

I grabbed my phone and keys and walked out.

I started walking when I heard noises coming from one of my neighbors.

Oh will they always be loud? Uhh.

I heard two people from the two flats above me. They were running down the stairs. And screaming.

What the heck!

"Come back here Lou!" I heard one person scream.

"NEVER!" someone else screamed.

"Its MY food!" They ran past me and one of them tripped. I couldnt see who they were but one was a blonde boy and the other was a brunet boy.

"GIVE ME MY FOOD BACK LOUIS!" the blonde one said wresting the brunet one, well he was on top of the brunet.


"Uh hey," I tried getting their attention.


"Excuse me!" I tried again but they keep wrestling.

"FIND BUT YOU HAVE OT GIVE ME MY FOOD BACK!" the blonde boy said.

"HEYYY!" I finally got their attention.

"Spencer?!" the said at the same time.

"Niall? Louis?" I said.

"Whats up?" Niall said casually."

What are you guys doing here?!"

"Well mine and Harry's falt is number 5. Up there," Louis said pointing up tot the next floor with flat 4 and 5.

"And why are you here?" Niall asked me.

"I just moved into flat 3. Right there," I said.

They both stood up," Great! Liam is number 2!" Louis said happily.

"What!?" I said shocked.

"Yeah and me and Zayn are living in building 27, flats 4 and 5," Niall said.

What!/ How!? Since when have they lived here?

Im going to be neighbors with One Direction. This should be greaaaaat.

I dont even like them that much. Not to be rude. I hope they arent always loud.

"Uh. Erm, I-I.. What?" I couldnt even get the words out.

"Come on! You can come over to minje and Hazza's flat! The other lads are here we have the weekened off!" Louis said dragging me up the stairs.

We got to flat 5 and walked in after Niall while he was eating the food he took back from Louis.

"Look who we found that just moved in next to Li! IT'S SPE-" Niall was cut off as we sat in the living room."

"Spencer?" Liam, Zayn, and Harry said at once.

I sighed, "Crap."

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