Spencer Doe has been having a weird, yet frightening dream every night for a long time.
But when Spencer ges locked in a store with 5 lads, she gets to know them. And acually starts liking them.
Meeting these 5 lads has some wht changed her life.
Questions get anwsered. Clues are given. And the meaning behind The Dream will be solved.
What will happen when Spencer finds out a huge secret?
Everything changes.


7. Moving

Spencer's POV:

I woke up, heart beating fast and breathing heavily.

I got out of bed and checked my phone.

1 text from Jake. It was my address and flat number, so I know which flat to go to.

What time is it? 10:03 am. Okay I can get ready now and move to my new flat for the rest of the day.

I went to get my clothes and changed. I put on shorts, a black tank top with a gold lightning bolt in the middle, and my black slip on vans.

I went to my bathroom and washed my face. I'll straighten my hair today, im to lazy to curl it.

So I started to do my hair and didnt finish for about 20 minutes.

When I finished my hair I put on mascara and went to go eat breakfast.

I'll have cereal. I got out a bowl and the frosted flakes.

I took my food and went into the living room and Nate was playing games. I sat on the bean chair and watched him play.

"Yeah they are watching tell cuz Im in here," he replied.

"Kay thanks."


"I need help with my bed and wardrobe."

"Ill help to."

I smiled," thanks."

"Yeah I wanna see your new flat." I nodded. I finished my bowl and put it with the dirty dishes. I headed to my parents bedroom to ask my dad for help.

I knocked," Morning Spenc," my dad said.

"Good morning dad. Could you help move my things from here to my new flat?"

"Yeah we'll just us my truck."


"Just give me like 10 minutes to get ready."

"Okay I'll put the easy stuff in my car."

I went ip to my room and grabbed my bags with clothes in them and I grabbes my chargers for my phone and stuff and took it down to my car. Those were the only things I had in my bedroom other than my bed and wardrobe (dresser and night stand).

I had all my things on my wall taken down and in a box.

I gave the box to Jake when hewas still decorating. He saw the way it looked in my room and knew how he would have it in my new room. I trust him.

Dad and Nate came in my room and started lifting up my big wardrobe and taking it out the room. My mum came in after they took it away.

"You wanna try and move the mattress?" she asked.

"Sure let my get the blankets off," I said and threw them in a pill on the floor.

I grabbed the mattress on one end and my mum on the other. We struggled to get it throught the door but finally did it and down the stairs. Carefully.

"Here bu tthis on there to," my mum told my dad outside pointing to the truck.

"Nate, can you grab the blanket from my room and put them in my back seat please?" I asked him. He nodded. I helped my dad and mum put the mattress in the bed of the truck and with the big wardrobe. When that finished we went back inside to get the little one.

I folloed him and Nate came outside with the blankets, "Thank you Nate!" I shouted at him as I went to my room.

My father and I picked up the small wardrobe. It was heavier than it lookes.

And we carried it to the back seat of my father's car.


Once all my things were on or in the cars and we all caught our breathes, we got into the two cars and headed to my new flat.




Sorry this is soo boring!! I dont mean it, Im not a good writer. I suck ): But still keep reading! Thanks (:

Love you guys, Izabel.


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