Spencer Doe has been having a weird, yet frightening dream every night for a long time.
But when Spencer ges locked in a store with 5 lads, she gets to know them. And acually starts liking them.
Meeting these 5 lads has some wht changed her life.
Questions get anwsered. Clues are given. And the meaning behind The Dream will be solved.
What will happen when Spencer finds out a huge secret?
Everything changes.


2. Great To Meet You

Spencer's POV:

I got to work to see Jake already there. We both worked at Aero.

We are true best friends.

"JAKEY!" I said as we hugged.


"Thank you soooo much for working on my new flat! I love you! What would I do without you?"

"I dont know, haha."

Jake has blonde hair and hazel eyes. He is 5'11 and has mucsles and abs. Jake is only three weeeks older than me. He is cute, but we would never date.

We arent like those best friends growing up and then ending up going out and live happily ever after. We already talked about how we both thought it would be weird and we would try not to fall for each other. We both keep our promises.

Either way, Jake is dating avery nice girl named Haley. She is lovely, we get along great.

"Haha, okay can I stop by tomorrow to put the rest of my things in it?"

Yeah. Here's the key," he handed me the key.

"Thanks. Now time to work. Ughhhh."

"Come on little one," Jake patted me on the head.


My shift is over now. Jake left an hour ago.

I was walking to my car when I heard lots of screaming. I turned around to see tons of girls screaming things like, "ONE DIRECTION!", "I LOVE YOU!", "NIALL!", "LIAM!", "HARRY!", "LOUIS!", "ZAYN!".

Oh god.

Its One Direction. The biggest boy band in the world and of course, London.

Its not that I completley hate One Direction, I dont really like them. I hear about them all the time and I dont listen to their music. Im not a fan. I dont hate them, I just dont care for them.

I started to walk to my car when I realized I left my phone in the staff room at work. Ughh!

I was walking back when I almost got hit by a fan.

Damn these people.

I made sure I was very careful aroun this big mob. I got inside Aero to see it was all empty except Ana workingbehind the counter.

"Hey Ana, why is it so empty?" I asked walking up to her.

"Ever customer is trying to get their hands on One

Direction." I laughed.

There was a thud at the door. I turned arun to see 5 boys blocking the doors.

"Uh hi. May we help you?" I asked the lads.

"Yeah, can we stay here until the fans leave?" a boy with an Irish accent and blonde hair said.

"Yes!", Ana said smiling.

I guess she likes One Direction.

"How long will that be?" I asked.

"Ha. We dont know," a boy with a quiff and brown eyes said.

"Im Louis! These are my mates, Liam, Niall, Harry, and Zayn," Louis said.

I waved, "Im Spencer."

"Hey. Im Ana," shee said batting her eyelashes.

Wow Ana. Ana is cool and a lovely girl. We're friends.

Okay. So I went to the back in the staff room and grabbed my phone and my water bottle from the fridge.

I went back to the store to find the boys and Ana talking and looking around at clothes.

"Okay well Im gonna go. It was great to meet you lads," I told them as I went to the door.

But before I could unlock it, Harry came infront of me blocking the door.

"What Harry?" I looked into Harry's emerald green eyes. They looked just like mine. And familiar.

"You cant leave," he said getting close to me. I backed away.

"What? No I cant stay here."

"Is something wrong with us?"

"I just... I-I need to get home."

"Well you cant."

Uh oh.

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