Spencer Doe has been having a weird, yet frightening dream every night for a long time.
But when Spencer ges locked in a store with 5 lads, she gets to know them. And acually starts liking them.
Meeting these 5 lads has some wht changed her life.
Questions get anwsered. Clues are given. And the meaning behind The Dream will be solved.
What will happen when Spencer finds out a huge secret?
Everything changes.


4. Everybody Talks

Spencer's POV:

No one was talking. The only noise was coming from outside from the 30 girls screaming, banging on th door and window, and taking pictures.

"So how old are you girls?" Nial asked Ana and me.

"Im 19," Ana said.

"Ill be 18 on the 1st," I said.

"Wow! Cool. Me too!" Harry smiled. He had deep dimples and a nice smile.

I smiled showin my dimples too. Why was everthign about him familiar?!

"Well Im 20!" Louis shouted. He could be loud. I laughed at him.

"You dont look 220," I said tilting my head to the side.

"Beacuse Im sexy? Ive been told," he winked. I raised my eyebrows.

"Yeah only Eleanor tells you that," Liam said.

"Hazza tells me that sometimes," Louis said hugging Harry.

"El is Louis' girlfriend. My girlfriend's name is Perrie," Zayn said smiling.

Aww how cute.

"The rest of us are 18," Liam said.

"Cool," Ana said.

I guess I could try and be nice to them. They dont seem totally bad.

"So where are you guys from?" I asked as they sat on the chairs Ana brought the from the staff room.

"Im from Doncaster," Louis said.

"Im from Mullingar, Ireland," Niall said. I could tell he was from Ireland.

"Im from Holmes Chapel," Harry said.

"Im from Wolverhampton," Liam stated.

"And I was born in Bradford," Zayn said last.

"Nice. Me and Spencer are from here," And said. I nodded.

Okay, they arent bad.

Liam's POV:

Spencer seems lika nice and sweet girl. She can be rude, but she doesnt seem all rude. She's beautiful too.

Why doesnt she like us?

Spencer got up to got to the back, I followed her.

"Hey Spencer," I said.

"Hi," she smiled weakly.

"Can I ask you something?" She nodded. "How come you dont like us? Like not to sound conceded or stuff but you dont seem to like One Direction, but why dont you like us as Liam, Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Louis?"

"I dont know. Its not that I dont like you, I just dont really listen to your guys' music a lot and I hear girls screaming about it everyday. I dont mean to be rude or make you sad or somthing I just dont really know you. And until you lads show me you are as great as you seem, I dont fal that easy."

"Woah, you can be committed. And its okay love We arent bad," we walked back to the room with water bottles for all of us.

We walk back to see Harry talking very close to Ana. Wow Harry.

"Is he always like this? Hitting on girls he doesnt even know?" she whispered to me.

"Uh. Not all the time." She rolled her eyes and muttered something like 'gross'.

Well we arent getting on the right foot.

We handed everyone a bottle of water and sat back down.

"So are you two gonna go on a date now?" Niall asked Harry and Ana.

"Yeah I asked her to go with me on a date tomorrow night," Harry said while Ana turned a deep shade of red.

Ana was pretty also. She seems like a lovely girl.

"That fast?" Spencer asked annoyed.

"Did you wish it would have been you?" Harry smirked.

"Oh no thanks I dont fall for cheeky, fast kinda guys," Spencer said.

Oh. This wont end well.

Spencer's POV:

"Oh no thanks I dont fall for cheeky, fast kinda guys," I told Harry because he was being flirty with me. And I cant have that happening. Not after what happened with my last relationship.

"Oh no? Cuz you seem liek a girl to go for the fast kinda guys," Harry spat back.

"And whats that supposed to mean?" I said starting to raise my voice.

"Nothing personal," he said with a smirk.

I huffed. Yeah.

I got up out of my seat and took my phone with me so l could alone in the back room.

I dont need this! I dont have to hear him say that, I barely met him. I dont even know them! I could leave I want to and let the fans attack them or whatever.

I should just go.

But no, someone knocked on the staff door and they want to talk to me.

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