Spencer Doe has been having a weird, yet frightening dream every night for a long time.
But when Spencer ges locked in a store with 5 lads, she gets to know them. And acually starts liking them.
Meeting these 5 lads has some wht changed her life.
Questions get anwsered. Clues are given. And the meaning behind The Dream will be solved.
What will happen when Spencer finds out a huge secret?
Everything changes.


6. Changing It Up

Spencer's POV:

Paul came for use just like he said. Two security gaurs lead me to my car and I was safe to go home. Thank lord it was Friday!

I got home a little after nine.

Mum and dad were watching a film in the living room. Nate was probably in his room.

"Hello," I told them.

"Hey princess. You okay?" my dad said.

"Yes just tired."

"Well good to know your safe. Good night honey," my mum said.

"Good night. Love you," I said and went to my room.

I got to my room and locked the door. I decided ot jump in the shower.

So I got in, washed my hair and scrubbed my body.

I got out 10 minutes later. I wrapped myself in a towl and went to my wardrobe, well what was left of it, and took out my pajamas.

I changed and combed my hair. Took off my make up and brushed my teeth.

Im to tired to eat dinner so Ill just got to bed.

I laid in bed. Please dont let me have that dream again, please!

With that thought I dozed off to sleep.

"I'm so sorr love. I love you Spencer, never forget that," the women told me.

"Spen. I love you forever and always! Im sorry," the man said. I looked at the people as they got farthr away I drove off.

I looked at the girl then the boy. They looked the same, and the boy had emerald green eyes.

Soon afterwards I arrived at a new home.

"Here you are Spencer. Meet your new mum and dad," the man that was driving said. I got out of the car and walked to the door, well I was holding the man's hand. He knocked and I saw a golden bird on the right side of the door, it was a design.

The door swung open. But no one was there. I put my head in the home to see it. It was pitch black.


Then many black crows came flying out of the door. Attacking me but not the man.

I sheilded my eyes and I heard a women talked.

The man that drove me here tightened his grip on my hand and started talking, but I was still sheilding my eyes as if I opened my eyes more birds would attack me.

"Spencer these are your new parents. They're names are.."

"Ahhhhhhh," I shot out of bed.




Guys, Im sorry this is late.. but I was busy -.- So PLEASE keep reading and Im going to post the next one right now!

Enjoy, Izabel xoxo

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