The M-Factor experience

Ok so, my best friend is Lucy Spraggan, yes, Lucy Spraggan, you know, the one from the X-Factor. She is the best friend you could ever have, you see I'm...ummm...I'm homeless. But scince she has got through, she is hiding me in the X-Factor house...


1. Prologue

***10 years ago***
"GO ON...GET OUT!!!" My Mum screamed.
I stared, trying to keep the tears from rolling down my eyes, "No..I-I-I I haven't done anything. I'm only 11."
"Get out." I felt a walm hand push against my back and, using all my force, I tried to plant my feet in the ground to stop her. It didn't work. Then it all went so quickly, the door opend, I fell on my hands and knees, then BANG. The door was shut.
I couldn't do it anymore, I couldn't hold them back, they streamed down my face like when it has not stop rain, I couldn't stop them. They were invisible.
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