The M-Factor experience

Ok so, my best friend is Lucy Spraggan, yes, Lucy Spraggan, you know, the one from the X-Factor. She is the best friend you could ever have, you see I'm...ummm...I'm homeless. But scince she has got through, she is hiding me in the X-Factor house...


2. Meeting her (present tense)

Every time I close my eyes I see my own mother, pushing me; hurting me. I try to forget...but I can't.
*ping ping* "There you go. A black haired women put a couple of pounds in my pot.
I looked up and smiled, (It's been along time scince I'd done that.)

As the sky got darker I snuggled more into my duvet that my Mother threw out at me that night. It was a faded light pink which writing on the used to say 'Pretty princess sleeping' on the top in a sparkley purple.
It was about 11o'clock when I saw that black haired women pass. "Why are you still here?" She asked.
I shrugged.
She had a certain glow about her. "My names Lucy." She held her hand out gesturing for me to shake it.
"I like your guitair," I crocked.
She sat down and crossed her legs. "Thanks, would you like to hear a song?"
I nodded. She started playing and said it was called tea and toast. It was sad but still amazing.
"I've just come back from the X-Factor auditions."
"Wow, are you going to be famous?" I must've sounded quite childish but it just slipped out of my mouth.
She giggled, "I hoped so" she smiled. Her back was now leaned against the wall with her feet stretched out into the street. She played more guitair, which slowly made me go to sleep.
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