The M-Factor experience

Ok so, my best friend is Lucy Spraggan, yes, Lucy Spraggan, you know, the one from the X-Factor. She is the best friend you could ever have, you see I'm...ummm...I'm homeless. But scince she has got through, she is hiding me in the X-Factor house...


3. Let me take care of you

Last night I slept amazingly, probably because I felt, for the first time, that I had 1 friend in the world. It made me feel good about myself, well, better than normally.
I slowly opened my eyes, no gooses bumps, no blood, no pain. I sat up and looked around. "Do you really not remember me. I mean, last night I thought I recognise you but now, I really know who you are." I heard Lucy say.
I shook my head.
"When you disappeared, I serpent a month looking for you, you were my best friend, Mia."
I shut my eyes, trying to remember the things I try to forget. "Lucy...Lucy Spraggan?" I ask.
"Yes, when we were little we used to play all different games...we used to pretend we were twins!" She giggled, "Don't you remember?"
"Yeah...I do! Thank you for letting me sleep on your sofa last night!" I smiled.
"That's alright, I've worried about you ever since you left. Now I found you, I need to look after you. We were going to go through high school together and get matching prom dresses! In the end...I don't even go in a dress. I thought a suit would be better, more...unique."
"Yeah well...the night of prom I didn't really have a ball, I was probably on the street selling myself."
She shook her head, "Let me take care of you."
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