Build Up The Courage

Harry and Lexi have known eachother since they were kids, since then they've pretty much close. Until one of them starting growing strong feeling for the other.
Will this end their friendship or will they finally break free from the friend zone and be together.
Find out :D


1. Leaving the FriendZone

It happened it. I had just been going out with him for about a month and today he dumped me, just last my last boyfriend did saying. " it seems like you don't really love me so I think we should see other people" I wasn't sad about it, I said my goodbyes and we parted out own ways.

 Lexi, was a petite girl reddish hair bangs falling on her eyes and mostly lived her life in Canada until her parents moved back to her hometown in London. She walked into a house taking off her shoes and heading upstairs where a boy seemed to be looking into his clothes.

" I'm home" she mumbled throwing herself on the bed. " you should stop doing this!" the curly headed boy said shirtless greeting her. "doing what?" he gave her a quick smirk and pulled on a black vneck and took a seat at the edge of the bed. " walking into someone's house like this.

What's with the look? You got dumped again?" she leaned back on to his pillow and flipped through the sport magazine. " I don't get it, I mean why do boys always dump me?" the curly headed boy let out a long sigh wrapping his arm around her. " don't worry Lex you'll find someone else, what did you like about the last guy anyways?" she gave him a puzzled look crossing her arms. "what?".  "you have the tendency to like a certain thing on every guy you go out with, so what was so special about this guy?" she ran her fingers into her hair which was a common thing for her to do when she was thinking. " he was tall" she replied with a smile.

The curly headed boy sat next to Lexi looking into her eyes. " I'm tall too so I good enough?" she felt small shiver all over her body and bursted into laughter. " Harry you silly boy! Don't say stuff like that I might take you seriously next time!" Harry gets off the bed grabbing his bracelets on his desk and notices something about Lexus skirt. " you do know that I can see your underwear which seems to be sticking out of your skirt?" she turned bright red and ran off, " I'll see you later curly boy!"

Harry and Lexi had been best friends since their diaper years when they moved to Canada for a few years she was miserable since Harry wasn't around after moving back to their hometown at the age of 15 Harry looked rather different more attractive, but Lexi didn't let herself see that side of Harry since well... They were best friends and nothing more! " what was that all about!" she mumbled to herself opened the door.

" Lexi is that you?" her mother shouted from the kitchen." yeah! Going upstairs to get out of this horrid uniform" her mother let out a small giggle. " you do that sweetheart just wanted to let you know your father and I are flying to Australia tomorrow for work we wouldn't be back for a week will you be okay alone?" she smiled and nodded, maybe she could throw a small party.  " maybe you could invite Harry to stay over while we're away it would be much safer to know that someone is here with you while we're not here." her mother just loved Harry he was so polite and sweet and even helped with dishes when he came by. " yeah sure"

The next morning Lexi had slept in since she stayed up watching a marathon on 80s movie on tv. " wake up Lex" she growled and covered her blanket over her face. " five more minutes" she mumbled. " it's already noon, and I'm bored so wake up" Harry took off her blanket as she hit him. " why are you so annoying." he gave her a small smirk and leaned in staring into her eyes.

" if I don't wake you up who will? Now did you think of what I told you yesterday?" suddenly she was wide awake she leaned back on her headboard as he leaned in still fixing his eyes on hers. " why are you doing this?" she quietly asked him " I don't see you more than a best friend you know that" she pulled him into a hug. " please stop this nonsense?" he didn't say anything and pulled away.

" anyways mom and dad are away want to through a party?" she asking him with a smile, he ruffled his hair forcing a smile even though he was heartbroken. "sure why not." she happily jumped out of the bed. " great you take care of the music and food and I'll take care of the decoration and guests"

Harry walked off to get some food when he got a call on his cellphone. " hello?" " did you tell her?" it was none other than his best guy friend Louis. " she still thinks I'm kidding around, I don't think I'll ever be out of the friend zone"

Louis knew all about Harry's feeling for Lexi. "dude don't give up now. Your so close" he was right! Harry shouldn't give up he had to go all the way to show Lexi he really likes her. " your right, well there's a party tonight at Lexi place you coming?"    

" already got a text from her of course I am you need my support tonight mate!" Lexi and Harry set up a few tables with a few drinks and crips.

"it's going to be great tonight" Harry didn't say much since his  confession, Lexi felt horrible but she jus assumed all best friends went through something such as they did its not that bad! In just a few hours the house was crowed with teens dancing and having fun.

Louis handed Lexi some punch as she thanked him. " thanks Lou! So how's the party?" she asked him he started to do a little dance and pulled her along. " it's great but it would be better if you danced a little too! Shake does fabulous hips of yours!" she bursted of laughter and pulled a little Shakira hip dance, just as she was having fun she noticed Harry dancing with a girl but it wasn't just any girl it was Katerina.

Her enemy why on earth would Harry dance with her he clearly knew how much she hated her. Without another word she marched over to the two.

" Katerina didn't think you'd show up."  the blond freak rolled her eyes and wrapped her arms around Harry's left arm. " Well Harry here invited me so of course I'd show up." Harry made eye contact with Lexi and gave her a smirk.

" Katerina and I are actually about to go now were going to see a movie" she couldn't believe what she was hearing, was Harry going out with the blondzilla? She grabbed his arm pulling him towards her, as Katerina let go of her grip over him. " you need to stay! Don't leave me okay? Please" Harry smiled and leaned down whispering in her ear.

" that's what I've been waiting to hear!" he grabbed her and walked off to a quieter area of the house. " are you really going to go out with Godzilla Katerina?" he sighed and leaned on the  wall. " I just wanted your attention your the only one I have eyes for Lexi your the only girl for me" he walks up to her as she slowly backs up until the  stops her.

" I... But" he places a finger on her lip stopping from saying another word.

" I like you Lexi" with that he leans in and kisses her the shocking part was that she didnt stop him. " so I'm guessing we're together now?" she asked him shyly. He smiles at her once more and kisses her.

the end

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