expect the unexpected

Liz is just a normal girl with a huge obsession over one direction, she just can't stop talking about them..........what would she do when her best friends Kelly, Kate and Megan suprises her with 1D golden ticket.....could it change her life to the worse??

(so this is like my first experience with movellas and this is basically the first fanfiction i've ever wrote, just thought you should know and hope you like it :) )


1. `

Liz's POV

Today is the day i finally turn 18 i've been waiting for so long i can finally get my freedom that i've always dreamt about.It was my birthday.Today is going to be a special day ,first im going to hang out with my friends and then ill be going back home for the little birthday party my parents have organized for me .even though my birthday is not going to be luxurious just like most of the birthdays in my neighborhood i would still be doing the things i like the most, which is hanging out with the closest people to my heart that are my friends and family.

 I am adding my last touches to my hair as i was  getting ready for my night out with my friends megan,kate and kelly. They were the ones that had always been there for me throughout everything in my life ,they are truley the bestest friends anyone could ask for.They have told me that we would be going out for dinner then we will go bowling. I was rushing down the stairs and almost tripped when i heard the doorbell ring .I rushed to open the door because my little sister ashley was too lazy to even bother herself and open the door as she was busy obsessing over some korean guy over the internet

I was super excited for this day as it was the first time im hanging out with my friends in ages, because i have been busy packing my stuff as i was going to move to London after summer to attend college there. it had always been my dream to go to London but the thought of leaving my family and friends behind and start a new life alone scares the hell out of me!

I'll miss them ALOT!  "LIZZYYY" all of them said at once. "Megan! Kate! and Kelly!!" i said with complete excitement "i've missed you all so much!" "we've missed you way more" said Kelly. "so are you ready for the girls night out" said Megan jumping up and down in exicitement. "ofcourse i am" i said jumping even higher in excitement . Today is going to be the best day ever!!



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