expect the unexpected

Liz is just a normal girl with a huge obsession over one direction, she just can't stop talking about them..........what would she do when her best friends Kelly, Kate and Megan suprises her with 1D golden ticket.....could it change her life to the worse??

(so this is like my first experience with movellas and this is basically the first fanfiction i've ever wrote, just thought you should know and hope you like it :) )


3. The flight

Liz's POV
Today is the day were going to London it had been a week since that huge surprise my friends had arranged for me and now is finally the day, I was brushing my light brown tangled wavy hair as I would just let it flow naturally and I added a bit of mascara on my long lashes that lied above my light brown eyes . I wore my dark blue jeans along with my long sleeved beige shirt that I've got from forever 21 as it was my favorite brand. I wore a beige ballerina with a dark blue bow on it. To complete the look I raised my bangs with a small beige flower clip that I recently got from H&M.
I think I looked pretty good. Most of my luggage was already in the truck I only had my hand bag and a small suitcase. I was going down the stairs when I heard the honk of Kate's car I said my goodbyes and hugged my mom, sister and Dad. For an instance I thought I wouldn't be able to do this. I wouldn't be able to leave them but then I remembered that my bestfriends were coming with me and that I had to do this for the sake of my future and well being.


Kelly's POV
we were literally jumping up and down in the airport, we couldn't handle our excitement. The luggage had already been taken away by some people to get it to the plane and we were only left with our handbags. "Liz and Kelly stop squealing and jumping around your embarrassing me!" Said Kate in a strict tone while Megan was just laughing at how immature we were. We got to the plane and took our seats and Ofcourse me and Liz were fighting about who would get to sit next to the window and as always she wins.6 hours passed and I was listening to music while Liz was sleeping and Kate was probably thinking of a prank to do and Kelly was reading a book.

Liz's POV
"Liz, Liz wake up we the plane is landing" Said Megan while shaking me. Wow I have been asleep the whole flight. Finally London I have been waiting for this my entire life and now that I'm actually here is unbelievable London here I come. "
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