expect the unexpected

Liz is just a normal girl with a huge obsession over one direction, she just can't stop talking about them..........what would she do when her best friends Kelly, Kate and Megan suprises her with 1D golden ticket.....could it change her life to the worse??

(so this is like my first experience with movellas and this is basically the first fanfiction i've ever wrote, just thought you should know and hope you like it :) )


2. Is this for real

Megan's POV.
Today is Liz's birthday and she has no idea what we've bought her we've been working on this for like the past month. "So to which restaurant are we going to?" Asked Liz, "we are going to the new Italian restaurant down the street, i heard it serves amazing dishes!" Replied Kelly with and excited tone. "Oh great, I love Italian food! " said Liz with a smile on her face . "And your day is going to be even better when..." "KATE HOW ABOUT YOU CONCENTRATE ON THE ROAD AND STOP TALKING" I almost screamed because she was going to spit out the surprise! Oh god Kate cannot restrain herself. "Woah woah what are you so tensed about its not like we're gonna have a car accident or something lol" said Liz humorously , wow she has absolutely no idea what was going on, I can't wait to see her facial reaction when we tell her that we've got her the golden ticket and that she would actually be able to spend Christmas Eve with them and that we would be moving to London with her, this is going to be amazing.

Liz's POV
we got into a huge, gigantic, enormous restaurant that had a huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling at the entrance and the place smelled like roses and lilies! Alright this is officially my favorite place on earth! .We sat in a round table that had a white cloth on it and we ordered. "So, what is the first thing you plan on doing when you first get to London" asked Kelly while we were waiting for our orders "oh god I have no Idea but I would probably start stalking one direction even though I know I would never see them but why not try " i said humerously. even though there were more chances of me seeing one direction when I go to London, but I have the worst luck on this planet , so I wouldn't see them even if I was in the same building as them, that's how unlucky I am. " actually the thought of going there and leaving everything behind just scares the hell out of me , I just can't bare living all alone without you guys and without my family " I was tearing up while I was talking and my voice got lower as I was finishing the sentence . "Ohhhhh I can't hold this anymore I've got to say it!!" Said Kate. " alright then......we were going to give you your birthday gift after the orders came but what the heck! Here open this!!!" Said Megan while handing me and envelope with a pink ribbon on it. I opened the envelope......I couldn't believe what I was seeing I started rubbing my eyes over and over again to check that i wasn't dreaming! Is this for real!! " someone pinch me!" I screamed and then everyone at the restaurant was looking at me, wow that was imbaressing , but I don't care because I'm holding the 1d golden ticket in my hand! "OMG OMG OMG OMG YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST AND I ACTUALLY MEAN IT " I stood up and gave each one of them a huge bear hug, and then all of a sudden the waiters come into the hall with a huge cake !along with my family and everyone starts singing happy birthday and tears of happiness started to form on my face " Awww lizzy dont cry your goning to ruin your make up" said kelly humorously "and hey your finally 18 your freeee" said Megan . "I absolutely love you guys so much you don't even know how much I love you!!" I went over to my family and greeted them and thanked them for everything as they were obviously a part of everything that happened today. " andddd, there is one more thing we haven't told you about yet" said Kate " aww what else could I ask for" I said while giving them a warm smile " WE ARE MOVING WITH YOU TO LONDON!!" All of hem shouted at once. "SHUT UP! OMG!! Life is so much better since I'm 18 now and my luck has DEFINETLY gotten better, I have been lucky all of the time cuz I was blessed enough to have you guys" I can't wait untill i go to London especially that I'm going with my 3 bestfriends or should I say sisters my life could not get any better!
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