Saving Each Other

"I can't keep doing this Niall!" she screamed, as I held her firmly. I ran my fingers through my hair, pushing the damp strand out of my face, locking our gaze. "Em, please." I whispered, and I doubt she heard me over the thundering rain. It was killing me to see her like this. "I can't do this! I can't keep being the strong one!" she cried out. "I-If I have to be strong for you, how am I supposed to be strong for me Niall? How am I supposed" she struggled to find words, but all I heard was silence after that.
It was me. It was all me. The reason she was like this now. It wasn't because of her dad. It was me. my heart sank. I was killing the girl that I, now realized, loved. I loved her, and I was the reason she was broken. I wasn't going to push it away anymore. I wasn't going to hide from it. I loved her. I loved Emily Payne. And I was killing her.


1. Him

I listened to my converse hit the pavement as I raced down the sidewalk to my house, which was currently being swallowed by screaming girls and paparazzi. my indigo eyes burned from the cold wind that smashed into my body at full force, my chestnut hair flailing behind me. I had encountered bullying before, being beaten and thrown about, and this was by far one of the worst yet, but I wasn't running away. I was running toward. Not to my drunken father, who was probably now recovering from a hangover, or to my room where I would sob in sorrow of my mother's unfortunate death and failed attempt at life. No, there was no sadness in m rhythmic steps, because I running to him.

I could just make out the cops, forcing the crowd away. I heard my heart pounding in my chest, my body begging me to slow down, but I wouldn't. I couldn't. He was home. My foundation, my tower, my best friend, the only family I had left.Most girls couldn't stand there brothers. Siblings often argued and fought. I was not most girls. In fact, not many girls have a life like mine. Because most girls didn't have my brother, who just happened to be Liam Payne. 

Yes, Liam Payne. One of the boys from the famous boy band "One Direction"? The one with the short curly hair, one kidney, nicknamed "Daddy Direction"? You might have heard of him. He was supposed to be making music around the world, so I had absolutely NO idea what the hell he was doing here, but i honestly didn't care. Because he was back. He was here with me. He. Was. Here

I turned my corner. By now, the crowd had died down, but I still chose to go through the back. I shot through the door, screaming his name at the top of my lungs. "LIAM!!!"
"Emily? Is that you, love?" His voice filled my ears. His wonderful voice was enough to bring back almost every bit of happiness I had lost since he had gone. I followed his sound to the living room, where I saw him standing. His curly locks were disheveled, but seemed to stick out in all the right places. His warm brown eyes shone at the sight of me, and I'm sure mine were doing the same at the sight of him. He wore a simple grey graphic tee, black jeans and a pair converse, yet he'd never looked more stunning. 

I leaped into his arms, wrapping my arms around his neck as he hugged me back with all his might, spinning me around. "I missed you, Em." he murmured and my vision blurred from the tears that were beginning to form.Whether it was from the happiness of him being here with me, or from the burning pain from the beating I had just received, was unknown to me. All I knew was that Liam was here, and I was okay. Everything was okay. He lowered me to the ground and I buried my face in his muscular chest, inhaling his scent that I'd long missed. "I misses you too." I managed to whisper. He pressed his lips to my forehead, and I swore I could hear him crying too.

He pulled me closer, and I winced at the pain that coursed through my body. He released me immediately, concern quickly filling his gaze. "Em?" I gently rubbed my sore skin, faking a grin. "It's nothing." which probably worried him even more , because we share everything. I mentally slapped myself. "Has it been happening again?" he asked slowly, gesturing to my father's room. I was about fifteen when my mother died, about the time Liam went off to the X Factor.  Dad didn't take the death very well, and he became very..aggressive and.. well abusive.  It stopped after only a few months, but that's when the bullies decided to join the picture. And here I was, three years later, still unable to stand up for myself. And you'd think Liam Payne's sister would at least get just a bit of respect. Nope.  Wonderful life right?  I shook my head. "Definitely not!"

"If not him, what?" he demanded, examining my, most likely blue, skin. God Liam. Could you not be the responsible overprotective brother dude for a second? "Some kids at school..Liam, it's not a big deal. I-" I exhaled, avoiding his eyes. "I'll handle it."
"They..They're hurting you? Like..Bullying?" I nodded slowly, as I feared he would..I don't know..explode. Turns out I was right. His worry disintegrated into anger. "Where are they?" he almost yelled, and it was times i wondered "Where was dad when you needed him!?". I pulled him back. "Forget it, Li. It's not worth it." I said softly. He rolled his eyes. "Bloody hell, Em! They're hurting you!"
"Liam, No." I tightened my grip on his wrist. 
"Emily,this is ridic-"
"I said I'll handle it, alright?" My voice rose and he stopped resisting, stubbornly, but at least he had stopped.

He, very stubbornly, followed me to the couch. I noted his accent had grown stronger as we sunk into the pillows. "Where's Dad?" I asked him.
"Hungover." he replied, a tinge of disappointment in his voice. "I thought he'd stopped." he mumbled. I shook my head. "Still going strong. It's gotten worse actually." I watched him study the house, playing idly with his fingers. "I don't like this Em. This environment. It's not good for you. Not for my little sis." he bit his lip. He was thinking, I knew this.

"Li, I'm used to it. And don't take this the wrong way, but why are you here?" he ignored my question, staring off into space. "I don't like this one bit." he muttered. 
"Don't worry about it. There's nothing we can do."
"I'm part of one of the biggest boy bands of the century, love. I think we can." he smirked and I rolled my eyes. 
'Li, you can't protect me all the time. You can't live with me." he stared at me thoughtfully and suddenly, a small smile began to spread across his lips.
"But you can live with me." I stared at him, puzzled.
"What do you mean, Liam?"
"Well, love," he grinned. "How would you like to live with One Direction?"

Liam's POV
It was impulsive. So? I knew that. I also knew that my little sister was being battered and then coming home to an alcoholic, who obviously care about his daughter, as he was more than happy to let me have her. Boss was okay with it. The guys were thrilled, since Louis and Harry haven't seen her since the X Factor, and Niall and Zayn had yet to meet her. And we had the space. It was going to be okay. The plane started to descend from the nighttime skies. I glanced out at the twinkling stars that looked much like scattered gems on a blanket of darkness. I stared down at Emily on me, who's head rested lightly on my lap. She sat peacefully as I gently bushed hair from her face.

I felt the plane touchdown, smooth and easy, and I tapped Em, who groaned and turned over.I grinned at her. Yes, she would fit in just fine. Of course she had argued and fought. She was "leaving her life behind" and all that. But eventually gave in. I knew she would. I mean, she was coming to live with  One Direction. I would be at her side at all times. No one would hurt her anymore. I wouldn't allow it. I just couldn't. 

I wasn't worried about Emily actually. I knew she'd be okay. I was just worried about Niall back home. Niall hadn't been his best when I left. Many people were giving him a hard time, with nasty comments about him, breaking him down, thinking he could take it. Not knowing that Niall was probably the most fragile of us all. I shook my head, anger beginning to creep into my system. Niall and I shared a room, and I would hear him crying himself to sleep. Usually after signings. It killed me to see him like that. I was so afraid that one day, I wouldn't be there, and they would push him too far, and he'd try and end it. Once, a girl told him he didn't deserve to be alive. The nerve of some of them!

"Mr. Payne, the crowd has been terminated. I may escort you through the airport now." The husky security guard spoke with irritation in his voice. I began to nudge Emily, but sh turned over and opened those big, hopeful eyes of hers. "I'm up." she offered me a half smile, and I gladly returned it. "Ready?" I asked her.
"I guess." she replied, getting up, and we were off.


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