Saving Each Other

"I can't keep doing this Niall!" she screamed, as I held her firmly. I ran my fingers through my hair, pushing the damp strand out of my face, locking our gaze. "Em, please." I whispered, and I doubt she heard me over the thundering rain. It was killing me to see her like this. "I can't do this! I can't keep being the strong one!" she cried out. "I-If I have to be strong for you, how am I supposed to be strong for me Niall? How am I supposed" she struggled to find words, but all I heard was silence after that.
It was me. It was all me. The reason she was like this now. It wasn't because of her dad. It was me. my heart sank. I was killing the girl that I, now realized, loved. I loved her, and I was the reason she was broken. I wasn't going to push it away anymore. I wasn't going to hide from it. I loved her. I loved Emily Payne. And I was killing her.


9. Drunken Mistakes

Emily's POV
Why, WHY did I agree to this? The strode lights were blinding as they flashed around the room. I looked down, avoiding the stares and gazes as the boys, Sage and I entered the club. Blah blah "OMG ONE DIRECTION'S HERE!" blah blah "Who's that chick with them?" blah blah BLAH I just wanted to go back to the flat and mope. I did NOT want to be here right now. Apparently, Harry and Sage had this brilliant idea to take us out for the night and get our mind off things a.k.a. go clubbing. I gazed up at Niall who was talking to Louis about some unknown thing. I wondered if he told anyone about our..conversation. We never did get to finish. Louis kept glancing over at me, and I would kill to know what they were saying. He leaned over and whispered something in Niall's ear, and almost instantly, Niall's face flushed bright red and he shoved Louis. God, I'll never understand boys....

I had very reluctantly allowed Sage to dress me up, being her little doll for the evening(I honestly didn't have the power to fight her) , and this is what she'd done with me:

(But her eyes are indigo/blue)   Dress:  

Did I like my outfit? AT ALL! I looked so..what's the, available? I looked girly. I looked like a girl who wanted to be shown a good time. I looked so..not me. But that's what Sage  wanted me to wear. She said that to feel the part, you gotta dress the part. So, from this, I gathered that I wanted to feel like I was for sale? But I really didn't feel like fighting today. I just wanted to get this over and down with.

Music was blasting, deafening, as we squeezed our way through the crammed room. I turned back to Harry on my right, who was already flirting with some girls in some VERY short dresses. I sub-consciously pulled my down my dress over my thighs. "You want to get some drinks?" Zayn yelled to us over the booming music. We nodded, not wanting to strain our voices and I allowed them to guide me to the bar. Of course every single girl had their eyes on us. Of course people were madly texting everyone they knew about One Direction at the exact club they're at. Of course we drew attention, but that didn't stop the flow of the club that everyone came here to enjoy. Everyone here was either high, drunk, dirty minded...or all three, and it made me wonder how the hell Harry found this place. 

I unwillingly sat down on a bar stool, between Liam and Louis. I noticed Liam couldn't tear his eyes away from Sage, who'd abandoned us to dance freely on the dance floor, gaining many gazes from the single lads who came for..exactly that. I realized Louis noticed too. "Go on, mate." He encouraged. Liam tore his eyes away and he stared at me uncertainly. "No, I mean...I need to stay with E-"
"Go Liam. I'll be fine."
"Yeah, I'll take care of her. Don't worry." Louis urged and a smile spread across Liam's face. He got up and walked over to Sage. His face reddened as she pulled him close and began dancing with him. He mouthed a "Thank you" in our direction and we nodded, waving him off. We turned back to the bar tender as Niall sat down beside me.

"Three Shots!" Louis called out and the bar tender nodded. He slid the glasses over to us. Louis picked up his glass, but stopped  midway, staring at me, then the second glass, then back to me. And that's when everything went horribly wrong. "Well? Aren't you gonna drink it?" Louis asked me, chugging his down. I glanced at Niall to my right who chugged his down as well. "I don't...I don't know.." I said, unsure.
"Come on Em. We came here for a good time. Loosen up a bit." Louis said, pushing the glass towards me. I could barely hear hum over the noise. I stared at it. "Well..I guess one drink couldn't hurt." I said and he smiled. 
"Are you sure?" Niall asked me. That angered me slightly. What, he thought I couldn't handle a little liquor? "I'm a big girl Niall, it's not that big a deal."
"Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!" he chuckled as I slowly brought the drink to my lips. Well, here's goes nothing...

Niall's POV
Where was she now? I turned my back on her for a second to go to the bathroom and she was already gone. Damn it Emily! Yep, she had no control. I'm guessing she doesn't drink, seeing as she was drunk by the third glass. I made my way over to the bar, awkwardly maneuvering through the grabbing hands of ladies all over. I caught a glimpse of the bar? Again? 

"Send another one r-round will ya Dave!?" she yelled out to the bar tender who winked and began mixing her drink. She leaned against Zayn, who was probably just as drunk as she was. "Me too Davey!" he called in a sing-song voice. I rolled my eyes. This is not good. Liam is going to kill me. KILL ME. I got his little sister drunk. Crap, crap, crap. Well technically, Louis did, but I was there. I paused. Where was Liam and Louis anyway? I scanned the crowd before I found Liam...oh crud. Am I the only sober one here? I stared in awe as my best friend wrapped Sage's arms around his neck as they continued to make out. And right there was about twelve people with picture cameras. Simon is NOT going to be happy about this. I started to walk over to him to pull him away, but I saw something in the corner of my eye that made me stop dead in my tracks.

"Hey beautiful, what's your name?" a handsome looking lad had taken the empty seat on Emily's left and was attempting to flirt with her. She giggled, lowering her eyes. "Emily." He grinned and rested a hand on her knee. "I'm James." He leaned over and whispered something as his fingers crept up her to leg to her thigh. Anger boiled in me. "Oh, hell no.." I muttered gliding swiftly over to them, but I guess Zayn still had some sort of sense, because he pulled Emily closer to him, glaring at the lad in disgust. "Emily, I've been looking all over for you.." I said clenching my fists and determining whether I should haul "James" outside before killing him, or murder him right there on the dance floor. Her glazed eyes lit up when she saw me, and James eyes filled with anger." many drinks did you have?"
"Just one or..or t-two.." I stared at the 6.. no, 7 empty glasses in front of her, unconvinced. Suddenly, she gasped. "I loooooovvvvveeee this song!" she squealed. Emily? Squealing? How many times had she visited the bar?. "Dance with me!" she gulped down her drink and jumping from under Zayn's arm she grabbed me by the hand. This could not end well...

"And I decided you look well on me, well on me..." she was bawling out the lyrics at the top of her lungs while trying to keep to the rhythm of the music. She flipped her long hair, her blue eyes wild. I know I shouldn't say this, but right then and then, Emily looked so damn sexy. Her words were slurred and she was beginning to stray away from me. Instinctively, I gripped her waist, pulling her back to me. But Emily misunderstood.

She gave me a flirtatious smile as the lights dance upon the room. She pressed the length of her body against mine, driving her hips to mine and leaned over so her lips were next to my ear. "Oh Niall?" her voice was like honey, and I could feel her warm breath tickling my ear. She didn't know what she was doing to me. She didn't know how badly I wanted her. She didn't know how hard I was trying to contain myself right now. She ran her warm fingers up my shirt, and distracted, I finally allowed myself to move along with her. I could feel her on my thighs and she whispered other things I swore I'd never hear Emily say in my life. The heat radiating off her body was killing me, and almost every bit of mind was telling me to take this opportunity and give her everything she wanted, what I wanted. Almost.

There was this one stupid corner in the back of my mind telling me to stop. Telling me not to take advantage of her. Telling me I wanted her, yes, but not like this.I felt her lips brush against my neck, finding my soft spot almost instantly. I stifled a groan, biting down on my lip as her fingers traced lower and lower till they were at my belt buckle. I pushed her away. "E-Emily.." I panted. My heart was racing, and I could hear it booming in my head. This girl, this girl had me in knots, twists and turns. I was breathing hard. I glanced over at Liam, guilt flashing in my mind. "You don't want to do this..." I said to her and she shook her head, stumbling back to me. "Of course I do...I am SOO in love with you! Don't you know that babe? Ever since I met you." she rolled her eyes as if that were the stupidest thing she'd ever heard. That I didn't know.

Despite the crowd, she easily pushed us through until I felt a wall against my back. "Come on, Ni, have some fun.." she breathed. This was too much. I could hardly hold myself back any longer. Struggling to keep my breathing steady, I shoved her off of me and pushed my way to the bathroom. It was just too. Much.

I gripped the sink, trying to regain whatever sense I had left. My entire body was melted, and I couldn't...I couldn't do anything. I just needed to calm myself down. "Breathe..breathe." I chanted in my head. We hadn't even kissed yet and it was beyond my control. "Somebody's flustered.." I heard Harry's voice behind me. I didn't respond. I just stared blankly at him through the mirror as he switched topics. "Did you see Liam out there? Lad's gone full on snogging with Sage..." he shoved his hands in his pockets, flipping his hair. I just ignored him, looking down at the sink. "Ni, what's going on?" he asked, concern in his voice. I shook my head. 

"She's...she's drunk. And she was all over me and.." I bit down on my lip. Harry's eyes widened. "Emily? You got Emily drunk? Then why aren't you out there?This is your chance!" a smug look crossed his face. "Taking a breather?" he said playfully. I rolled my eyes and punched him in a not so playful way.  Rubbing his shoulder, he stepped back in surrender. "Kidding! But..Niall-"
"She's totally wasted, and it's all my fault."


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