Saving Each Other

"I can't keep doing this Niall!" she screamed, as I held her firmly. I ran my fingers through my hair, pushing the damp strand out of my face, locking our gaze. "Em, please." I whispered, and I doubt she heard me over the thundering rain. It was killing me to see her like this. "I can't do this! I can't keep being the strong one!" she cried out. "I-If I have to be strong for you, how am I supposed to be strong for me Niall? How am I supposed" she struggled to find words, but all I heard was silence after that.
It was me. It was all me. The reason she was like this now. It wasn't because of her dad. It was me. my heart sank. I was killing the girl that I, now realized, loved. I loved her, and I was the reason she was broken. I wasn't going to push it away anymore. I wasn't going to hide from it. I loved her. I loved Emily Payne. And I was killing her.


2. A Bit Like Me

Emily's POV
I honestly take for granted how famous Liam really is. The amount of screaming girls, flashing cameras and pushy paparazzi we had to go through was absolutely ridiculous. Whenever we were blocked or stopped, and Liam remained completely calm, I had to keep reminding myself that Liam was trained for this sort of thing, and I just.. wasn't. He just kept flashing smiles and winks, signing autographs here and there like he did this everyday, which I guess, he probably does. 
When we arrived at the house, Louis and Harry came barreling towards us. Louis got to me first and swinging me onto his shoulders, he rushed me into the house. "How you been, Em?" he asked looking up at me through his eye lashes. I shrugged. "Hanging in there, I guess." I replied, ducking in the doorway to avoid hitting my head. "Forgotten me already have we, love?" I looked down at Harry who pouted. Louis set me down and I rushed into his open arms. "Never!" I whispered. He grinned. "Nice to see you too Lil Li." Yeah, Lil Li, as in Little Liam. Stupid, but I loved it nonetheless. 
Zayn glided into the room. "Hey, Emily right?" I nodded and he smirked. "I'm Zayn, but you probably already knew." Liam slapped him and his smirk faded into a genuine smile. "Kidding!" he looked back at me. "Pleasure meeting you." he said politely, as Niall walked in. I observed his eyes were slightly red. He was silent as he stared at me, studying me, cocking his head to one side, then the other. It was freaking me out a little. "Hi, I'm Emily.." I started awkwardly and he forced a small smile. 
"Niall, nice to meet you." I returned the smile as we followed Louis into what looked like the living room.

"Yes boys, this is the famous Emily that Liam won't shut up about." Louis laughed, plopping down onto the couch. I don't know why, but I found myself blushing. Liam slipped his arm around my shoulder."How could I shut up? She's worth going on about." he grinned at me, and I felt a smile creeping upon my lips. Liam really was a good brother. He would protect me, I had full faith and trust in that. Everything was going to be okay."AWW!" Harry cried and I let loose a laugh as Liam tackled him to the ground. He was good. He was family. And I couldn't stop myself from thinking that this time, it really was going to be okay. I was going to be okay.

Niall's POV
This was Emily..This was Emily? She sat squashed between Liam and Louis, Harry a her feet, Zayn sitting next to me on the floor. Her eyes were heavy, I could tell she was tired. Liam went on and on about..something, but his voice was far away, distant.  Look away idiot, what are you doing! I shook my head. I didn't even know this girl, so why couldn't I stop staring. Maybe it was exactly because I didn't know her. I felt the need to take in every little detail. She rested her head on Louis shoulder and he pulled her into him as she yawned. A pang of jealousy shot through me, but I brushed it off, misunderstanding it. 
Her eyelids were drooping, but she didn't dare allow herself to fall asleep.

She looked down at me, confused at my uninterrupted gaze. I don't know what..idiocy possessed me to do this, but I frowned and whipped my head around. She frowned, puzzled, but didn't look any longer. I wanted to mentally hurl myself off a cliff.  Nice going, Niall. "Somebody's tired." I heard Liam say as I raised my gaze once more, to see him swooping her up in his arms. "Li, I'm perfectly capable of walk..walking." Her voice faded, trailing off as Liam shifted her to a more comfortable position in his arms, but she still fought to go down. Liam grinned, holding her firmly as she quieted down. I smiled at her  stubbornness, something I hadn't done in quite a while. 

I noted at the way Louis looked at her. It was the same way Liam did. With the eyes of the older one. As if she were his responsibility. As if she were his little sister too. As I looked around me, I realized that that was how all the guys looked at her. I wanted to look at her like that, but I couldn't bring myself to. I wanted to be her friend, yes, but not in that way. And I didn't like it one bit. 

My phone vibrated in my pocket, and I sighed. Probably Twitter or something along those lines. I should have deleted that already.Liam says it's not good for me. Just minutes before, I had checked my page. Of course it was nothing good. It never was. I didn't understand. They never rained hate on Harry, or Louis. No, they had to hate on the, I quote, "Ugly Loser Blonde One" right? I don't know why I let myself go through it, but I do. And I knew it was stupid of me, but I pulled out my phone and headed up to my room. I could see Liam and Emily laughing quietly in her room as I entered mine. And closing the door I sat on my bed and began to scroll through the comments.

Emily's POV
I rolled over on my side, listening to Zayn's soft snoring. Since Niall and Liam share a room, I would have to share with Zayn until liam and Zayn switched things. Was I tired? Of course I was, but I couldn't fall asleep. Why'd Niall frown? Did he just..not like me. Could someone just not like you, just like that? I turned over again. I like Niall, he seemed nice. Quiet and simple, I liked that about him. But from what I could see, we differed greatly. Someone like him could never understand how horrible my life was sometimes. No everything for him was just peachy. But Liam understood. Hey, maybe that's why he didn't like me, if he truly didn't. I was taking his roommate away, his best friend. I turned on my back. Why was I stressing?

Suddenly, I heard a rather disturbing sound. Crying was it? More like sobbing? Alarmed, I jumped up, careful not to wake Zayn on the floor beside the bed. I made my footsteps as light as possible as I crept down the hall to..Liam's room? I creaked the door open, wincing at the sound. I can honestly say that absolutely nothing prepared me for what I saw there.

Liam was sitting on one of the beds, and there in his arms was Niall. He was trembling in Liam's arms, and Liam's eyes were filled with worry and concern. Niall looked up, and I gasped. His once enchanting blue eyes were now haunting, puffy and red as tears raced down his flushed cheeks. His skin seemed paler now, and he seemed so fragile. Even Liam seemed afraid to hold him too firmly, afraid he would break and shatter. "I-I just d-d-don't und-dersta-and wh-why they h-h-hate m-me." he sobbed. Liam rubbed his back in circles, something he did to me when I would cry as a little girl. 
"No..No one hates you Ni." I could barely hear the words Liam whispered, because Niall only wept harder. He shoved his blackberry in Liam's direction. Liam slowly took the phone from Niall's trembling fingers. He scanned the screen, his face gradually become agitated.

"You should know better than to listen to them, love. This is ridiculous." Liam murmured. Niall shook his head, pushing away from Liam. "But they're..Th-They're right L-Li! I d-don't kn-know wh-why-y, b-but I guess-ss I m-m-must have a-an id-dea, b-becaus-se I-I h-hate mys-self too!" he almost screamed, and I wondered how the other boys were sleeping through this. Little did I knew that every single one of them lay awake, listening their friend's distressed voice, knowing they should help, but knowing they couldn't. Not more than Liam could. 

Liam looked up and I had to slam myself against the wall to keep from being seen. I crept back to my room, stepping over Zayn. For some reason, an unsettling sadness was churning in my stomach. I turned and closed my eyes. Maybe I misunderstood him. Maybe everything wasn't great for him. Maybe he was like me. I felt myself being engulfed by the thoughts as I began to feel tired again. Yes, I decided. Niall Horan was just a little bit like me, and with that, I fell fast asleep.


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