Saving Each Other

"I can't keep doing this Niall!" she screamed, as I held her firmly. I ran my fingers through my hair, pushing the damp strand out of my face, locking our gaze. "Em, please." I whispered, and I doubt she heard me over the thundering rain. It was killing me to see her like this. "I can't do this! I can't keep being the strong one!" she cried out. "I-If I have to be strong for you, how am I supposed to be strong for me Niall? How am I supposed" she struggled to find words, but all I heard was silence after that.
It was me. It was all me. The reason she was like this now. It wasn't because of her dad. It was me. my heart sank. I was killing the girl that I, now realized, loved. I loved her, and I was the reason she was broken. I wasn't going to push it away anymore. I wasn't going to hide from it. I loved her. I loved Emily Payne. And I was killing her.


10. A better relationship..just not ours

Niall's POV
I heard the bathroom door slam, and then her..vomiting? She was probably throwing up everything from last night. Yep, that's exactly what she was doing.  It was the next morning, and the boys STILL hadn't arrived back home. It was about 5:00 a.m. None of them answered their cell phones, no matter how much I'd tried to call them. I gently knocked on the door. "Em? Everything okay?" I asked her. I could hear her coughing. Crap, this was my fault. "Everything's...everyth-thing's fine!" she managed to call out.
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah! I don't...I don't w-want you to see me like this!" I rolled my eyes and kicked open the door. She was kneeling at the toilet, struggling to keep her hair up. I sighed and knelt behind her, pressing my body against hers. Gently pulled her hair out of her face, I rubbed her back as she tried to get a hold of herself. 

She looked horrible, and I couldn't stop the seven words that popped into my head. I. Am. Going. To. Kill. Harry. Styles. She grabbed the toilet paper, wiping her mouth, thinking she was finished. She had no idea. As she got up, she threw herself back down and continued to throw up. I felt terrible, feeling like this was my fault. I should have known she didn't drink...or have any control when she did. 

I heard the front door unlock, followed by loud chatter. "Niall? Emily?" I listened to them call to us. Harry appeared in the doorway, looking at us sheepishly. "Uh...morning?" he said, and just then, Emily retched again. I glared at Harry, stone faced, as I continued to massage her, tying her hair up. "What?" Harry asked. Before whispering a "hold on" to Emily, I got up and dragged Harry out into the hallway. "I swear to god, Harry, I'm going to wring you-" So, I said some things that I admit weren't the cleaning things ever, and maybe just a tad too far, but oh well. Can't take it back now can we?

"Me? You're blaming this mess on me?" Harry gasped in disbelief. Was he serious? Of course I was! "It was your idea!" I yelled back at him.
"To get you out of your depression!"
"I wasn't depressed!"
"Yeah, because moping around and sulking in your room all day is so normal right?
"Well, it was my problem and I didn't need your help!"
"Well excuse me for caring! Excuse me for worrying about my best mate's mental state! Excuse me for giving a bloody shit about you and your life. If you can't appreciate what I was trying to do here, then I am so sorry I wasted my time." and with that, he huffed and turned away. Well....his heart was in the right place..oh for crying out...I exhaled. "Harry.." I put my hand on his shoulder. "I'm sorry..Thank you, you're right. But, clubbing? Really?" He smiled cheekily as he turned back to me. "Drunk girls usually take my mind off things.." I rolled my eyes, about to respond, but then we heard a Liam curse, loudly might I add. Liam? Cursing? Harry and I exchanged a look. Well, that can't be good.

Liam dashed up the stairs and pushed us out of his way, still cursing repeatedly. Running into his room, he slammed the door behind him, locking it, then I heard..was it..was that furniture? I heard a final tap against the door and what sounded like Liam hyperventilating. Did he..did he move his dressing table in front of the door? What was.. I heard a car pull up outside. "Well that was..strange.." Harry commented. I nodded in agreement. We heard a car door slam, and then the front door burst open with a blow. "LIAM JAMES PAYNE!!!

Emily's POV

  Emily's POV "LIAM JAMES PAYNE!!!" I heard a booming, fierce voice as I flushed. Rubbing my temples, cringing from the volume, I staggered out of the bathroom. Who was that? They do NOT sound happy. Immediately after the calling of my brother, numerous voices broke out in yells of "Please!", "You don't understand!" and "Hold on, let us explain!" along with some "It wasn't his fault!" Concerned, though still dazed, I managed to stumble down the stairs, where I saw a very red Simon, with a nasty frown on his face, eyes blazing with pure fury. Louis and Zayn had an arm each, restraining him from whatever intentions he had. Sage was in front of him, trying to find his gaze which was darting quickly around the room, searching for what I assumed was Liam. But where was Liam anyway?

"Uncle Simon, please, this was completely my fault-"
"YOURS? Where the hell is the bloody fool!? Malik let go of my arms will you!" his voice hadn't lowered one bit, and I twitched every time. Niall and Harry were attempting to push him back, but he was steadied, determined, a bull if I were to compare. "You're overreacting!" Sage tried again but Simon's eyes were set. "He took you out! TO A BLOODY BAR! AND HE GOT THE BOTH OF YOU DRUNK! AND THEN I SEE YOU TWO SNOGGING ALL OVER TWITTER!? HELL NO!" 
"Uncle Simon, it was an accident! We didn't mean to get drunk! And it was just to help Niall out of his depression!!" I blinked. Depression? What? Simon's face softened just the slightest bit. "D-Depression?" he turned to Niall on his left, and Zayn and Louis took risks, releasing the older man's arms. "No, I wasn't.." but there was doubt in his voice. I bit my lip, then something clicked, distracting me. Drunk? Liam doesn't get drunk. I emerged slowly. "Um..he..he wasn't drunk.." I said slowly, wondering if this would better or worsen the situation altogether. Everyone turned to me. "L-Liam can't...Liam doesn't drink remember? His..H-He..His kidneys are..Liam doesn't drink.. He was sober.." as soon as I said it, I regretted it. Simon's glare ignited again, a new sort of fire burning. "HE WAS SOBER!?! He was aware of the crap he was doing to my niece!?!?" Zayn and Louis quickly wrapped around their manager again, tighter this time. Sage gave me a "So close damn it.." look before returning to Simon.

I heard a creak, and turned to see Liam quietly creeping back upstairs. He must've heard the shouting stop and assumed Simon had left. "Stay there." I mouthed to him, and he froze. "Uncle Simon, this is a bit unreasonable.." Louis tried.
"Yeah Simon, please just let us explain!" Niall continued.
"Stop fighting! I'm not letting you go!!" Zayn yelled over the shouting, struggling to keep his prisoner in place.
"How dare you allow him to kiss you Sage! You know how I feel about-"
"BUT I KISSED HIM!!! Why can't you accept the fact that I like him? That I might even love him?"
"Because you loving him is NOT ACCEPTABLE!" After that sentence, a silence settled upon the eight of us. Liam slowly came down from behind me, bravely walking until he was right behind Sage. "I love you too.." he whispered and she looked down and he wrapped his arms around her. Simon didn't yell, or tackle Liam like I, his reaction was much more calm. His face had fallen, the stone crumbling. Not softened exactly..but..still sizzling.

Slowly, and cautiously, Zayn and Louis relaxed. "You're too young to be in love.." he said softly. Sage shook her head, leaning back on my brother's chest. "No we're not. We're not too young, you're just too old to remember what love is like." she smiled up at him, grinning again against Liam's warmth. Simon stepped back at the statement. "I do too know what love is like! And it's not for my little niece okay? It's dangerous, and impulsive and-"
"Happy and real and-" Sage cut him off.
"Life..It's life.." Liam spoke up, and Sage looked up at him in surprise as he stepped forward. "You can't stop it Simon. You can't fight the fact that love happens. It happens, mate. And there will be hurt. There will be pain, and crying, and heartbreak, you can't avoid it. But when two people are in love? Nothing,  nothing, can stand in the way of those two people, Simon." I found myself glancing over at Niall who stood staring back at me. He looked away, pretending to be interested in a speck on his shirt, but I knew better.

Simon shook his head, sweeping his fingers through his hair. "You don't know what you're getting into, mate. It's not that I don't trust you, or Sage I..I'm just afraid of-"
"Love?Is that it?" Liam took Sage's hands, rubbing his thumbs over the back of them gently. "Well that's when reality comes in, isn't it? Because it's not love you're afraid of, it's getting hurt. And it's not heights you're afraid of, it's falling. And it's not the ocean you're afraid of, it's drowning. It's not trust you're afraid of, it's betrayal. Simon...I'm in love with your niece, and I can promise you, that I will never ever hurt her. She'll never fall, and she'll never drown, and I can guarantee, I will never betray her trust. I love everything about her. I love how...her eyes sparkle even when she's groggy from waking up and..and I love how her hair still falls perfectly at one in the morning...I love she curls on her left side when she's sleeping, even though she falls asleep on her right, and..I love how she cares..She cares about every little thing there is, whether it's a real problem of interest, or a tiny squirrel she saw one day in the park. She has a big heart..and I wouldn't be able to live without myself knowing I wasn't a part of it.

So please sir, don't take her away from me. I don't care if I..if I lose my job, or..or you send me away from her..just please promise you'll allow a place in both our hearts for each other. That whether I'm gone, or she's gone, I can always think of her, and call her mine. Because, I-I can't live imagine life without her. So Simon, if you would ever be so kind, please, give me the..the honor and the great privilege of calling Sage Cowell, the most amazing, incredible, talented and beautiful girl I've ever met, my girlfriend, and know that I will never,  ever, do anything to bring tears to her eyes, and if I do slip up, I will do everything in my power, to restore every bit of happiness she has today. Because I love her..and  that's what love truly is."

When he was done, tears were brimming in both his eyes and Sage's. As they stared at each other, I could've sworn Liam had just asked her to marry him, rather than be his girlfriend. The emotion coursing between the both of them, was far too overwhelming, and I knew Sage would start crying any minute now. Zayn, Louis and Harry all had wide eyes, mouths slightly parted at the sincerity of their close friend. I looked up at Niall who bit his lip, and his azure blue eyes were glassy. I glanced at Simon who stared at Liam in shock; he was touched. That it was possible for this...this young boy to express such love and gratitude for that girl. It was amazing. Even I was surprised. My brother? Talking like that? 

I knew jealousy was going to hit me soon, but it came a lot harder than I imagined. It enveloped me in a wave of sorrow, staring at Niall on the other side of the room. We had yet to speak about what I told him the day Sage had interrupted us. He forced a smile, and I forced one too, but we both sighed in discontent. Why was this so...ugh? "Liam I didn't.." Simon started and Liam broke his continuous gaze with Sage to stare at the older man. "Yes?"
"I..I think you should and Sage..I mean..I trust that..I think you and Sage should go ahead and-"
"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!" Sage squealed, hopping into her uncle's arms, letting her tears overflow. Liam let out a breath I didn't even realize he was holding. Sage pulled away and immediately smashed her lips against Liam's and he kissed her back with just as much passion. Simon stiffened at the sight, and Louis noticed. Tapping his band mate, the older boy whispered something to Liam, who's eyes widened and gently pushed away his new 'girlfriend'. Girlfriend..that would take some getting used to.Zayn slapped his hands together. "Well, if that's out of the way, would you like a drink or.." as Zayn spoke, Simon's eyes darkened again.
"Oh, we're not done yet." His eyes narrowed on me, taking in my sickly state. "Emily, love, you don't drink, do you?"


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