Stole My Heart

Hi my name is megan payne and i am from Wolverhamptern. My older brother is liam payne. Yes the famous liam payne from the band one direction. I have not seen my amazing brother in over three years i miss him so much especially as i have no one. My father abuses me before liam used to help me but when he left for the x factor i had no one to help me.
One day an unfortunate accident happens that brings liam and megan close again ans she falls for a gorgeos, blonde irish boy...
The first person who comments on this story will have a charecter named after them in the book. this is my fiirst movella so please,no hate :)


8. You can stay with me

Megans P.O.V

I told Liam everything. How he used to abuse me. How I watched my mother die. He started shaking. I tried to calm him down and take his hand but he batted me away. His face was bright red,i could practiccly se the smoke coming out of his ears. I saw a large tear fall down his cheek and onto his leg. It left a mark on the grey sweatpants he was wearing. It dried up almost instantly. He started sobbing. I had never seen him like this before. it was heart breaking. I could tell these were not tears of hate but tears of anger and hatred towards Rhyan. I don´t call him dad anymore. A real dad would not act like that. i had never had a real dad i had always longed for one but never had one. The only male who had ever been in my life was liam. I had never been to school so i had never socialised with anyother people. The only people i ever saw was my "family". If it wasn´t for liam i would be dead. My eyes were still fixed on liam. he wiped His tears away and said one word "Why". My heart was breaking seeing him like this. i leaned over and hugged him despite the blinding pain in my leg. he sat on my bad leg and i letr out a squeal he moved around and suddenly realised that he was the cause of the pain. "Oh my god,im so sorry megan", he said. "its okay liam it wasn´t your fault. I forgot my leg was broken as well for a minute and giggled. "What happend",the boys burst throught the door like ninjas. Me and liam started laughing our butts of. "Nothing were fine",I replied still laughing. I looked down and saw liam rolling around on the floor laughing. I rolled my eyes and the boys strated laughing as well the tencion was relieved and everything was perfect apart from the fact my mother was dead and i was in hospital with a broken leg and had no place to live. Thats when it suddenly hit me. I´m homeless. I looked over at liam his face was red from his laughing fit. "Liam" i said. I have no place to live".

"Oh yeah that why i came in here your coming to live in London with me. A fresh start and we can start afresh away from all the bad things that have happend here in Wolverhampten,he said with a smile. "Thank you sooooo much Liam,your the best brother ever", I cried. His smile faded and his eyes looked sad. "I´m really not", he mutterd under his breath just loud enough for me too hear.

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