Stole My Heart

Hi my name is megan payne and i am from Wolverhamptern. My older brother is liam payne. Yes the famous liam payne from the band one direction. I have not seen my amazing brother in over three years i miss him so much especially as i have no one. My father abuses me before liam used to help me but when he left for the x factor i had no one to help me.
One day an unfortunate accident happens that brings liam and megan close again ans she falls for a gorgeos, blonde irish boy...
The first person who comments on this story will have a charecter named after them in the book. this is my fiirst movella so please,no hate :)


10. New Home x

Megans P.O.V

I stepped into the flat. It was awsome. There was a big kitchen where niall was already making a sandwhich. It had two bedrooms and a huuuuge living room. The boys were already chilling on the sofa watching Toy Story. I guess liam got to choose the film. he hasn´t changed a bit. Hehe.

Zayns P.O.V

I looked up at megan, she was absolutely beautiful. She was looking around the flat in awe. She looked so happy. She really was amzing. She was beautiful and on the car journey back i learned that she also had a great personality but when i looked into her eyes i saw pain behind them i could see that she was hiding something. Even though we connected really well i had not known he long enough to ask about her past. Im sure she would tell me when she was ready.


Liams P.O.V


Come on Megan i´ll show you to your new room. I picked her up and carried her upstairs. When i put her down she sat on the bed and looked around she jumped up and gave me a big hug.  and said "Thank you soooo much liam. I love you your the best brother in the whole world" I had missed her so much. I loved her more than anything else i would do anything for her. I would even eat with a spoon for her. "ill leave you to unpack your things if you need me ill be downstairs",i said. "okay thnks li",she replied I loved it when she used my old nickname.

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