Stole My Heart

Hi my name is megan payne and i am from Wolverhamptern. My older brother is liam payne. Yes the famous liam payne from the band one direction. I have not seen my amazing brother in over three years i miss him so much especially as i have no one. My father abuses me before liam used to help me but when he left for the x factor i had no one to help me.
One day an unfortunate accident happens that brings liam and megan close again ans she falls for a gorgeos, blonde irish boy...
The first person who comments on this story will have a charecter named after them in the book. this is my fiirst movella so please,no hate :)


3. Meeting Niall x

Nialls P.O.V

I walked into the hospital room bringing liam a coffee from starbucks. When i saw this girl. she was absolutely stunnning she had Long brown hair with blonde highlights and the most beautiful blue eyes i had even seen. I was lost in her eyes. She was definately the most beautiful girl i had ever seen. I smiled at her and she blushed a light shade of pink. I loved it when girls blushed it made them look so adorable. i just stood there grinning like an idiot. I finally walked over to the bed she was lying on. "Hi there my names Niall, you must be liams sister?" "Yep thats me,she answerd in a beautiful soft voice. nice to meet you niall" Liam walked over to us as we were talking. "I see you have met my mate niall" he said. She smiled up at him her eyes shining. "Yep" she turned and smiled at me. I smiled back and just stood there grinning like and idiot. She started giggiling. "Whats so funny?", i asked her puzzeld. "Some guy with curly hair came in and emptied the contents of a sandwhich into your hair",she replied laughing. "HARRY", i yelled. I turned around and saw harry grinning in the doorway. "Care to explain", i asked pointing to my head. "No not really", he replied still smiling. At this point Megan was laughing her head off. I turned back to her at flashed her my best smile. She blushed again. She reached over and took a piece of lettace and bacon out of my hair. I flinched at her touch.  No girl has ever made me feel this way before. i like her. I mean i REALLY like her.

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