Stole My Heart

Hi my name is megan payne and i am from Wolverhamptern. My older brother is liam payne. Yes the famous liam payne from the band one direction. I have not seen my amazing brother in over three years i miss him so much especially as i have no one. My father abuses me before liam used to help me but when he left for the x factor i had no one to help me.
One day an unfortunate accident happens that brings liam and megan close again ans she falls for a gorgeos, blonde irish boy...
The first person who comments on this story will have a charecter named after them in the book. this is my fiirst movella so please,no hate :)


12. Jeulous

Nialls P.O.V

When she kissed my head i felt a shiver run down my spine. I know it was just a friendly kiss but it meant a lot to me. i had only known her for a day but i could not imagine my life without her. But it was a shame we met in hospital because i think she could be my princess but i wouldn´t want to ruin our new friendship.I fell asleep dreaming about Megan x


Harrys P.OV

I looked over at niall he was smiling as he drifted of to sleep thinking of the kiss. I wanted her to be mine but that would upset niall. It was pretty obvious that he saw her more than a friend. But i'm sure liam would be mad if he knew we liked her. He seemed very protective of his little sister. That wouldn't stop me though. I think i was  possibly in love with this girl. If i wanted her i would find a way. I was still wondering what liam ment when he said he would talk to me later. I watched megan walk up to the door to liam flat. I was jealous that niall got a kiss but i hoped i would be getting one soon. I just didn't want to ruin our ne´w found friendship 



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