Stole My Heart

Hi my name is megan payne and i am from Wolverhamptern. My older brother is liam payne. Yes the famous liam payne from the band one direction. I have not seen my amazing brother in over three years i miss him so much especially as i have no one. My father abuses me before liam used to help me but when he left for the x factor i had no one to help me.
One day an unfortunate accident happens that brings liam and megan close again ans she falls for a gorgeos, blonde irish boy...
The first person who comments on this story will have a charecter named after them in the book. this is my fiirst movella so please,no hate :)


5. Harry and Zayn x

Megans P.O.V

I was still laughing when the guy with curly hair walked into the room. He had peircing green eyes and grinned at me. i looked away quickly as that grin reminded me of someone. RHYAN i looked back at him he had a hurt exprecian on his face. I hated seening people sad so i smiled at him. he cheered up then. I could not help but notice that he kept staring at me. He walked over and sat on the side of the uncomfortable hospital bed. "Hi there beautiful, im harry, he said. I grinned. "Hi im Megan, nice to meet you Harry".I replied with a smile. Introduction always went better with a smile. Liam told me that about five years ago when i was applieing for a job. Yes thats right i had to get a job when i was twelve it was the only way to make enough money for Rhyan to buy his alchahol and drugs. I never told my mum about that. i wished i had not had to lie to her so much about rhyan. I always had to tell her how great he was. Yes he was so amazing that he used to stab me and hit me everyday since i was five. What a great father. (note the sarcasm). I welled up a little thinking of my mother. I let a large tear roll down my cheek. "Dont cry beautiful" Harry said. I had a feeling we were gonna be great friends. I looked up to the doorway and saw a tall dark guy with deep brown eyes and perfect hair. "Hi there im zayn you must be megan?right", he asked is a manchester accent. "Yeppers thats me, pleasure to meet you Zayn, i replied smiling.

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