The life of Ella Taylor

she good dancer,
a smart girl,
has a twin sister ,
unpopular ,
but there's one thing wrong about her life............


2. The Taylor family

The Taylor is a family are known as the loaded rich family.Two we'll known parents,mrs and mr Taylor has three children called Ella , Emma and jack. Ella maybe apart of the family but she treats them as strangers she's never met.She lives in her own world and her own life.servants brings her food up to her room and she it's alone while her family it's as a family.Ella  just lives in her own shell, her parents don't acknowledge and neither does she.Asking money from her parent is not something she does.someone like her owns money by working for is like there not a family them and Ella never talk ever since she was a little girl.even her family acts she does not exist is like she is not in the family.

Jack started high school 2 years ago he is in the football team.he doesn't talks to Ella but he bonds with his other family.also he smokes same as Emma they are both popular in there own school.but know Ella and Emma are going to grand high school the school jack goes to.

Emma she is popular queen b in her school she the centre of attention  in her middle school.ever since her fiends were Stacy and molly lie the two people who is beside her every time in the school.

The big different about Ella and Emma is that Ella has a ponytail and glasses with no make up but then Emma has makeover and no glasses leaves her hair down.

Mr Taylor is a golf championship he was married to Mrs Taylor ever since he runs a business company.He has a large office down town.




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