The life of Ella Taylor

she good dancer,
a smart girl,
has a twin sister ,
unpopular ,
but there's one thing wrong about her life............


3. The last day of middle school for Ella and Emma

Today is the last day of middle school for Ella and Emma.anyway is quite weird that Ella and Emma goes different middle school since they are twins.only there family knows they are twins but they don't care is not like they pay attention to each other cause they do there own everyone was getting ready to ruin the school all together in one since they wont go to that school again.

(katrina is walking by the corrider with her friends when ella accidently throwed some eggs on her head down to her expensive new shirt)

katrina-you idiot why did you do that

ella-sorry i didnt mean i slipped down by a banana and it flew into yuor forehead

katrina-i dont wanna hear your crap talk you ruined my expensive shirt and your gonna pay

ella-you think that ill go spent 500 pounds buying you a shirt in the mall

katrina-eh yeah you destroyed

ella-er no i aint going all that trouble to buy you a shirt jusst think twice if you thinnk i would buy you a ugly shirt

katrina-dont call my shirt ugly is pretty unlike yours

ella-mine is average i would nt go schoolwith expensive cloth antthing could happen i aint dumb like i guess you have to wear used cloth

(katrina walk out angryly saying she will get her back in high school)

emma goes hales middle school she has a pretty good life there there is no problem in her life or school.she and her bestfriends is throughing a party of the last of middle school in emma house.

(emma happy to throw her perfect planed last day of middle school party)

emma-cant wait to throw my party it will be fun


emma-i live in a huge house remember

stacy-i thought i was dreaming

holly-me too

emma-well your not dreaming is huge spelling with H-U-G-E and ill go home would you mind helping me decorate for the party

holly and stacy-sure

(some people were going different schools but most were going to grand high school)

ella and emma walk out of there middle school happily to start a new begining in high school they look again for there last time to see and walk off



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