The life of Ella Taylor

she good dancer,
a smart girl,
has a twin sister ,
unpopular ,
but there's one thing wrong about her life............


1. Characters in this book

A wealthy family not much of a family who cares for there kids,one thing they let them smoke and stay late do whatever .By the way Ella and Emma are twins,they go different middle school.last year left of middlle school for them



Ella-age 13 .....  hobbies loves dancing.a smart person . best friends with Christine .Real enemy Katrina who ruined her life.goes to polling middle school.she wears glasses.unpopular girl.she and her family never talk ,her pocket money works for it never asks her parents ever.                

Emma-age 13.....hobbies going shopping .smokes all the friends with Stacy and molly.most     popular girl in school.goes hales middle school

Jack-age 16......hobbies going dates with girls .smokes too like his sister Emma.goes to grant high school, already in 2 years in high school the school that Ella and Emma are going next year .he is in the football team.                

Mr Taylor-age 40....hobbies playing at business job in the city. 

Mrs Taylor-age 38.......hobbies having a girl talk with a fashion designer manager . married to Mr to much                                                  

Katrina-age 13 ....hobbies ruining Ella's life.same school as Ella's middle school but now moving to grand  high school

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