Just friends, the beginning or the end.

this story is a love story between Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and David Henrie, in this fanfic, none of them are famous(yet?) and this takes each of them a long way but they're all confused in the circle and Miley doesn't know how to love.


1. The new-comer


Normal day as usual, wake up, shower, get dressed, do my hair and makeup and get picked up by my boyfriend, David. He’d pick me up everyday since we went out, it’s been 8 months today, so I’m guessing it’s going to be extra special today for us, he usually tends to get roses, chocolates and a cute teddy (I like to collect them, they’re from my baby of course), ‘wow’ I think to myself, time goes by so fast, its as if it were yesterday when I saw that broad shouldered, dark haired and green eyed boy in my chemistry class, we were partners, obviously put together by the teacher, we didn’t even know eachother, but after a while we talked and got along really well, we walked together around the school and then after about 2 weeks he asked for my number and obviously, I gave it to him. After that day something clicked, we had a connection, we went out for lunch (typical first date) then he asked me out, we were an item.

-Ring ring- (phone going off)

From: David

‘Baby, come outside, I'm waiting for you’

To: David

‘Putting my shoes on, I’ll be there right now’

I shove my phone back into my purse and walk out of the door, I look around but he’s nowhere to be seen, I take a few more steps forward towards the pavement,

“DAVID?!” I shouted out laughing, he was dressed as a teddy bear, holding chocolates, I laughed and took off his ridiculous- but I have to admit cute—mask off and kissed him passionately, he wrapped his arms around my waist, ignoring the loose strands of hair that had slipped down from when I tucked them behind my ears.

Slowly pulling away from that glorious kiss, I smiled and looked up at him, “you’re gonna come to school like that?”, he nodded, “it brings out my inner sexiness, no?” I laughed at the fact he said that so seriously, “babe, I'm kidding, I’m wearing proper clothes under this so I don’t look like a total fuck head”, I ran my fingers through the back of David’s hair and placed a gentle kiss onto his soft cheek. He held my hand and lead me to the car, he quickly unzipped the front of his bear costume, put it on the back seats and sat in the driver seat, “ready to go, beautiful?”, I nodded and he drove off.

Finally, we arrive to the college parking lott and I undo my seatbelt, but before I know it he’s undone his and he’s opened the door for me, I feel my cheeks flush a cherry colour and I slap a huge smile onto my face, “true gentleman, aren’t you just” I giggle and lightly place a kiss upon his silk like lips, then close the door behind me. 


As we walk into the school we hear everyone talking about the same thing, ‘Justin Bieber A.K.A the new kid’, I walk up to my best friend, Allison, of course after me and David says our goodbye’s due to the fact we have to go to our own lessons and yes, we’re in separate lessons. ‘Hey Al, what’s the fuss about this new kid? Who is he?’, she looks at me and points straight ahead the corridor to the ‘new kid’ caramel hair, and he’s got good taste for a boy if I do say so myself, but he’s too far for me to tell what colour his eyes are, personally I like knowing a boys eye colour, I think their eyes tell their ‘story’ as in, all about them. Knowing myself, I plucked up the courage to walk up to him and tapped him on the shoulder lightly, he turned around and saw me, his gleaming hazel eyes staring into mine, it was an awkward silence, he opened his mouth but he couldn’t say anything, I grin, “cat got your tongue?” he giggles, his giggle is adorable, its not often you hear a guy as attractive as him giggle, “hi, im Miley, it’s nice to meet you, Justin, right?”, he smiles and nods, “yes, that’s right, and it’s nice to meet you shawty” I give a nod and smile back, “so um, welcome here and see you around?” “ see you ‘round Miley” I give a little wave before I turn away to go back to Allison.

“Al! oh my goodness! He’s so fucking perfect, he has the cutest god damn giggle and the best sculpted jawline and his. Fucking. Smile.” I take a deep breath and Allison takes everything I just said and waits for it all to sink in, specially because I was speaking so fast. “CALM. DOWN. AND. BREATHEEE” she extended the last part, I laughed, “You’re taken by the most popular guy in school and you’re the most popular girl in school, he’s just.. I don’t know, the new kid” I laugh “That’s true, why him, I mean ‘hello, Earth to me’, there’s David fine-ass Henrie”, we both sprung into laughed and walked away into our lessons.

What Miley doesn't know is he is a believer of love at first sight. What Miley doesn't know is he was headed her way. What Miley didn't know is.. he heard everything and that tore him apart inside.

he doesn't know her, but when they had that silence and looked into each-others eyes, he felt something.


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