Just friends, the beginning or the end.

this story is a love story between Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and David Henrie, in this fanfic, none of them are famous(yet?) and this takes each of them a long way but they're all confused in the circle and Miley doesn't know how to love.


2. It's me, making it up to you.


I walked into my lesson and by my surprise I’m parterned up with the new kid, Justin, “Oh, hey again”, I smile and set my bag down on the side of the table next to me, “hi again” he half smiles and takes his pen out of his pencil case, i look over at him and stare, i follow down the line from his jaw, it's just so perfectly shaped and sculpted, i just wanted to kiss down that law line of his and ugh, he’s so fucking perfect. Again, i need to snap out of it, i have a boyfriend, like dude.. he’s the most popular guy in school. im not going to like some ammatuer.  

We get on with the lesson and the bell suddenly rang, "Finally, freedom from this hell hole of a class roomi chuckle lightly and pick my back upthrowing it over myself then placing it onto my back, "whoa! careful, Miley" he said with a hint of humour in his voice "almost hit me over the head with that bag of yours, i could've got knocked down, im pretty sure that bag's full" i nod and smile "oh my goodness im so sorry, and yeah it's pretty heavy i guess, but nothing i can't handle" i said that with a slight smirk on the edge of my lip, he laughed and shook his head, we walked out of class and we continued to talk, "so where d'you live.. not to sound stalker-ish" i giggled and he looked up, "i live a couple blocks away, door number 65 and on the door it says something like 'dreamers' so, yeah" my eyes widened a little realising that his house was actually right next to mine, i was number 64 and if he'd chosen the room with the side window we would've been able to see eachother through our windows "really?! i live there too! actuallyim the house next door to you, 64" there was a look of relief in his eyes, .. i wondered why, maybe because he just met me and he's glad someone he knows lives right next door to him, yeah probably. 


we'd reached our lockers, i put my key in and unlocked it, i took out the books i needed and took my money so that i could get lunch later on. "so you go out often, like the park, movies..?" i nodded, "yeah actually i do, aha, i go there quite a lot with--" someone grabbed my waist from behind, turned me around and pressed their lips against mine, "me" he carried on my sentace, he put one arm around the side of me and held my waist tightly, pushing me close to him, i smiled and looked at Justin, "how rude of me not to introduce you to each other, my bad, um, Justin, this is my boyfriend, David and this is Justin, he's new here, he actually lives right next door to me" i said the last couple of words with so much excitement as if im a little girl on christmas that just got the doll she wanted.

David looked at me as if to say ‘hello, your boyfriend is right next to you, care to look a little less… fascinated?’ I saw the was David started to look at the new kid, it was awkward in a way, I smiled at Justin and took my hand out infront of me to shake hands, “see you around or after school okay?” I smiled as we went to next lesson all going our own way walking into different directions.


The day passed and lessons all finished, everyone was making their way out, there were couples making out near the far end of the hallway, there was people talking in groups by their lockers and then there was me, walking outside, suddenly my phone started vibrating inside my pocket.

From: David

Meet me by the car, im waiting inside for you.

I read the text and walked into the parking lott, i saw his car and ran up to it, opened the door and sat inside, “oh hey babe” I smiled and looked over at him, “what’s wrong?” my face melted and the smile on my face rubbed off, “who was that guy. Do you l—“ “WHOA! WHAT?! NO! DAVID. Why would you even think that?! No. just no. he’s new here and I wanted him to feel welcome, what did you expect me to do, slap him and tell him to piss off and get the hell out of the school?” he rolled his eyes, “I just felt like shit when you were all excited about him being your neighbour and all that crap” I nodded “so, you got jealous?” I tried not to grin, but knowing that he actually got jealous of me kind of made me feel good inside a little, “David, baby.. listen, ok? I love you. You know that, right..?” he smirked, he looked at me from the corner of his eyes, “hmm, you owe me though” I laughed “im pretty sure I know where you’re going with this” he started the car and drove off to mine, dropping me off, kissed him goodbye and went back home.


“Dad, I’m home!”I shouted whilst taking my shoes off, “hey princess, your friend came over to see you but then I told him that you weren’t here, ‘you know who I mean?” I thought to myself for a second, rembering I’d told Justin I’d hang out with him later on “oh yeah! I remember.. um yeah, sorry, yes dad, I know who it was” I smiled and hugged him, then making my way upstairs into my room. I walked in and dropped my bag to the floor and flung my jacket across the room onto my  bed. Walking towards the window, I opened my curtains, to my surprise, I saw Justin and his window was open, I pushed the key hole inwards and then turned the handle to the right and my window had opened up fully, “hey, Justin!” he walked over to his window, I think I startled him, ah well, “hey miley! So, your room and mine are directly opposite eachother, so I guess I found myself a new friend” he chuckled, I let out a soft giggle and sat on the windowcill, “so, want me to show you around here, get to know this place better?” Justin looked down at his hands and itched his palm, he looked back at me and nodded hesitatingly “if you’re busy we—“ he started talking, interrupting me, “no, no, not at all, I’d like you to show me around.” He nodded and smiled, I smiled back and stood up, “so I’m gonna get ready now, I’ll call for you through your window once im ready, he waved and stood up, I closed my curtains and started to get undressed, ready to shower.


i got out and walked over to my closet picking out a cute mid-length dress,not too revealing, floaty and it had a beautiful peachy colour to it, "perfect" i thought to myself, i put the dress over my head and slipped it on (obviously i'd put underwear and my bra on.) i walked over to the mirror to check myself, i brushed through my hair seeing as it already dried since i made a fuss with my eyebrows in the bathroom before coming out, but its all ready and done, i put mascara on and that was it, ready to go, i opened my curtains and saw him. shirtless. "oh." i thought to myself, my eyes had widened a little and i gently bit my bottom lip, to think i'd open my curtains to 'toned, shirtless justin' i kind of realised that it would've been creepy if he noticed but i just think he forgot to close his curtains, this gave me extra time to get ready, i got a cute white cardigan and picked out an appropriate pair of flats, not realising i've left my curtains open and justin was looking at me, i looked like an idiot when i put my shoes on, i have to habit to scrunch up my face and i look so weird.

"Hey, missy, you ready?!" i laughed and walked up to the window and nodded, "see my downstairs by your gates, "i nodded and closed my window, shut my curtains and walked out of my room, downstairs, "dad, im going out, i'll be home in an hour or sooner", he shouted back to from the living room, "ok miley, take care and stay safe!" i laughed a little to myself when he said things like that and when he called me "princess", i mean i find it nice and everything but he still thinks im like what, 9?

walking out the door and shutting it behind me, i walk up to justin's gates, "justin? are you th-- AHHGH!" I screamed, he jumped out from behind the bush and just grabbed onto me, what else was i supposed to do? he laughed and i just rolled my eyes, "real mature" i exclaimed sarcastically, he took a deep breath and smiled, "oh come on, i was just kidding, im sorry, ok?" i hit his arm jokingly "better be." we walked off and i showed him around the neighbourhood, i showed him the nice parts, the rougher parts and the scary parts by the forest.

"im in the mood for icecream, want some?" i looked at him nodding and smiling, he smiled back to me, "its on me, its me making it up to you for scaring you" he laughed, we walked to the icecream place and i realised that David's car was here. that's weird, i thought he hated icecream? i walked inside and i saw him. he wasn't alone.. he was with some girl, obviously she was gorgeous but who was she.. i'm sure it wasn't his sister because he doesn't have one and his parents passed away because of drug usage 3 years ago (we were just friends back then, in high school) who could she be? i think he saw me. shit. i kind of ignored him though, until he walked up to me, he had furiosity firing all over him


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