Just friends, the beginning or the end.

this story is a love story between Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and David Henrie, in this fanfic, none of them are famous(yet?) and this takes each of them a long way but they're all confused in the circle and Miley doesn't know how to love.


4. I'd like to just talk with you


I woke up, looking to my side I checked the time which read exactly eleven A.M, I sat up and took a look at my phone once I took it out from under my pillow and saw that I had a notification

*1 missed call from: Justin*

I rubbed my eyes and took a closer look, he rang twenty minutes ago, I smiled and walked into the bathroom fixing my hair and then walked over to my window, pushing my curtains away to the side I looked outside and saw Justin sitting on his bed with his laptop opened while he was using it, but his window was open. I opened my window and shouted over

“Justin!” I waved my hands over at my own direction gesturing for him to come closer to the window, “You called me?” I asked softly, smiling sweetly

He walked over to his window and waved, “morning, sleep good?” he had a grin forming on the corner of his lips I nodded back smiled and referred back to my question

“How come you called though?” he chuckled, staring at me and licked his lips, nibbling down on his lower lip

“I was just calling to remind you about tonight, I mean just in case you might have forgotten—“ I interrupted, shaking my head,

“No! I mean, I wouldn’t forget at all, I couldn’t even if I wanted to, especially because you were the one that helped me out over what happened yesterday, honestly, I can’t thank you enough for that, Justin. Honestly.” He smiled widely at my choice of words and just looked at me, his gaze catching mine and there was an awkward but kind of expected silence, we just looked at each other, he looked over breaking the silence and spoke out

“Hey um, would you like to uh, y’know, go to the park or something now before we go out tonight?”

I giggled and nodded back, “I’d love that, I’ll get changed and then I’ll come down and wait for you by your door, is that alright?” he smiled at me

“How about you text me when you’re dressed, I’ll come and pick you up from your house and then we’ll go to the park?” he smirked and rubbedthe back of his neck, I nodded and then closed my window tightly shut and picked out some clothes, I went to lift my shirt up but then I realised that my curtains were still open and that he was stood there biting his lip, concentrating deeply at me not even realising that I had closed my curtains, I blushed at what he was doing and quickly got dressed, I picked my phone up and tapped his name, I sent him text like he asked me to

To: Justin

I’m dressed, so let’s go to the park! I’m going downstairs to put my shoes on :)

From: Justin

I’m actually right outside your house now, I’ll be waiting for you

I put my shoes and and I opened the door, he opened his arms and gave me a warm, friendly hug.

“You look.. wow” I laughed, fixing my crop-top, I looked down to my shorts and cute flats that I decided to match up with my outfit

“Good wow or bad wow?” I giggled as he blinked three times before coming back down to Earth

“Definetly a good ‘wow’, Miley” he laughed, “hey um, I think I’m gonna call you smiley from now on”

I blushed lightly at the idea of that, and smiled again, “of course, I mean I don’t mind to be honest, feel free to call me smiley” I paused, but quickly adding onto what I had just said, “…As long as I get to call you Justy” he laughed and nodded towards me

“alright, im justy and you’re smiley, sounds good to me, now lets get a move on” I looked up at him and smirked, I jumped on his back as we walked to the park, he didn’t seem to mind though, he held underneath my knees and I enclosed my arms around his neck from behind, positioning myself so that I don’t fall backwards, head first.


Soon after walking – well, Justin was walking with me still on his back the whole way- for about a couple of minutes (about three) we had finally arrived at the park, he walked over to one of the park benches and sat down

“Justin, I’m still on your back!” he had a smirk on his face, I could tell due to the fact he had his head turned to his right a little bit looking at me from the corner of his eye

“Damn, who knew park benches can talk, this world is developing day by day!” I laughed and hit the back of his shoulder playfully.

I looked into the distance and saw a familiar face and figure, I focused now, even more than I was before trying to zoom in into the face, as I moved my head a little bit closer I put my chin on Justin’s shoulder then I quickly moved back again and hid my face once I realised it was David. His gawk catching mine and he walked over, getting closer and closer I dug my face into Justin shoulder, “ugh Justin, It’s David, can we please get out of here?” as Justin stood up for me to stand up too, he opened his mouth to say something and David cut through it and spoke up

“You move on fast, don’t you? Yesterday you were crying for me to come back and now you’re with the new kid that you barely even know? You are a genuine whore. That is exactly what you are, a stupid worthless whore, such a fucking waste of humanity.” He scoffed, “I thought that you’d be at least a little hurt still, but you move on straight away, bitch.” I looked down and held back my tears after hearing all of those names he was calling me, my eyesight getting blurry and Justin got closer and stood next to me

“Bro, I think you should leave and save it for someone who actually is those things” I looked away and didn’t even bother telling him to stop, it's honestly what David deserved

David scoffed at his choice of confrontations, “first of all, I’m not your bro, and second of all, I’ll say whatever the fuck I want to her, its none of your fucking business, keep your ass out of something that doesn’t involve you.” he spat that out as if he were talking to Satan, he grabbed hold of my chin and made me face him, “Miley, don’t make me fucking hit you, answer me. Are you with him?” I moved my head so that my chin was out of his grip

“Don’t fucking touch me, asshole. I’ve had enough of your shit since yesterday, I know you were using me, I’m glad I gave up using the shit you gave me the second month of dating, seriously, all you did was get me caught up in your bull/ you didn’t give me a chance to breathe, you made me miserable and I just hate yo—“ I felt a sting through my cheek with a sudden smash of his flesh against mine, suddenly the tears that I was holding in from before started strolling down my cheeks immediately.

“What the fuck is your problem? Piss off, alright. Leave her the fuck alone or you’re going to be in trouble.” Justin pushed him back and David didn’t even bother to carry on the argument, he walked off and didn’t dare to look back. “Miley.. Come on, I’m taking you home, and I’d like to just talk with you, is that alright?.. as in, in a friend kind of way” I nodded whilst I was still crying, he wrapped his arm around my waist and walked along side me until we got home.


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